A Fisheye Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Kitchen, Fisheye - Scranton, Pennsylvania
Thanksgiving Kitchen.

Thanksgiving is our favorite American holiday and favorite American meal, hands down.

Last year we enjoyed Thanksgiving with expats from around the world in Beijing, China. This year we share Thanksgiving dinner with family in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

We wonder: where will we find ourselves at this time next year?

No matter where you are, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Pete De Ritter says

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Looks like you had a great holiday feast.
    If I were you, I’d be very cautious in writing the food review. Relatives can be touchy about their recipes. (just kidding).
    We had a great day with family. Ate way too much, but it was all so good.

  2. says

    @Pete: It was a terrific holiday feast, in all aspects. No food review for this meal, but it was impressive…including my niece’s sweet potato casserole. By the way, isn’t over-eating on Thanksgiving is mandatory?

    @Culinary: Thank you. I’ve always admired my parents’ country kitchen, but looking at it through a fisheye lens and seeing the final image in the correct light really struck me.

    @Nicole and Chip: Great memories of Thanksgiving in Prague (and Munich, too). We had a great day…hope you did, too!

    @Maui: Thanks!

  3. says

    Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving! It sounds like you literally had the best of both worlds. The life of a traveler/ex-pat – the best part is wondering where you’ll be at this time next year! :)

  4. says

    Glad you had such a great thanksgiving…I knew b/c you were rubbing in all the American treats you were having. What did you have at home that you missed the most while traveling?

  5. says

    @Tim: In a way, we’ll be involving our readers in our next adventure…or as least the direction of it. More later on that. In the meantime, we’ll continue to write about adventures in places like Burma, India…and Scranton.

    @Lori: When we started looking at 5 years on the road, it made sense to come for a visit in the middle of it all. And no better time than the holidays.

    @Yankee: Good question. The short answer: deli sandwiches and real Mexican food. For a longer answer in the context of our travels in Central Asia, check out Dreaming of Dinner.

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