A Moment of Fame in Kyrgyzstan

Radio Azattyk Radio Interview - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Dan and Audrey in the Radio Azattyk Studio

While in Bishkek, we visited Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Kyrgyzstan bureau where they report and broadcast under the name Radio Azattyk. During our visit, we were asked for an interview regarding our travels, why we are taking this journey, and more specifically our observations thus far of Central Asia.

Here’s a link to the Radio Azattyk website where a short online piece about us was published earlier this month.

We believe there’s an audio file somewhere of the interview (translated into Kyrgyz, of course), but our Kyrgyz skills aren’t quite good enough to find it. If and when we do, we’ll be sure to post it here.

[UPDATE (October 31st): The link above (and here) now has the audio file that was played on the radio. It’s mostly in the Kyrgyz language, of course, but you do hear our voices occasionally before the fade out.]

In the meantime (and for the moment), we are leaving Central Asia behind. Today, we hit the road again for Naryn, Kyrgyzstan to overnight before taking on the Torugart mountain pass (3,752 meters or 12,310 feet) that marks the border crossing between Kyrgyzstan and China.

While in China, we hope to share more of our daily experiences there. We will also continue to reflect on and share more of our Central Asia experiences (about two dozen of them to be precise), as we expect internet access to improve. Although we may have to get more clever about proxy servers to get around internet controls. So stay tuned…

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  1. Nurgul says

    Dear Audrey and Daniel,

    This is an excellent web site to illuminate the Kyrgyz life and tourism perspectives in Kyrgyzstan.

    With best wishes,


  2. says

    @Nurgul: Thanks so much for your comment and kind words about our website – it means a lot that you thought we did a good job portraying Kyrgyz life and tourism perspectives. We loved the time we spent in Kyrgyzstan and are always telling other travelers to visit!

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