A Return to India and Singapore’s Culinary Mosaic

Before we serve up a snapshot-mosaic of what we sampled while here in Singapore, a note on what we mean by “return” to India.

For each of us, India served as a first trip outside of North America, albeit at very different times in each of our lives. Audrey’s senses were barraged at five weeks old. Despite her good memory, she obviously doesn’t recall much of that first trip, nor of the subsequent two years she lived there. My visit happened at 26 years. I’ll never forget it; I almost didn’t make it back due to a bout of dengue fever.

Singapore Cuisine - Singapore
A Taste of Singapore. Food Mosaic.

More on Singapore later – including its organization, clean bathrooms, dearth of palpable corruption, and wealth of competence, politeness, courtesy, rich lattes, urban planning, clean air, and green space – later.

Perhaps we’ll find a contrast or two in India…

Bitten in the Ass by a Tiger?

Now, if only Tiger Airways will let us on the airplane – and do so without charging us 400 Singaporean Dollars or 280 US dollars (not kidding) in excess baggage fees. We also hope that Dan will not be pulled aside for suspicious behavior on the way to the gate, with his two pairs of pants, pockets stuffed full of external hard drives.

Let’s hope you hear from us…after we arrive in India.

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  1. says

    Oha, I noticed only when reading your post now, that we had a similar experience with Tiger flying from Singapore into Chennai, although only 2 months ago. It was similar upsetting for me. So yeah, those budget airlines are getting more and more greedy it looks like. Without improving their service.

    Anyway – great site you have and many thanks for Audrey’s countless comments at mine. 😉

  2. says

    @Chris: We managed to get through the Tiger Airways weight controls and and security with Dan wearing three pairs of pants, four shirts, and pockets full of external hard drives and batteries. The check-in woman smiled and said, “Be careful of your pockets going through security.” Seems like we weren’t the first ones who had to wear everything to meet the weight controls!

    Glad you’re enjoying our website. I enjoy yours quite a lot, as you see from the comments.

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