Antarctica, The Lemaire Channel [360-Degree Panorama]

We were on our way north, making the long return journey from south of the Antarctic Circle to our final destination in Ushuaia, Argentina. The captain announced that we would soon be going through the Lemaire Channel, a narrow passage strait in northern Antarctica framed by steep cliffs and icebergs.

Everyone aboard ship was invited on deck and to the bridge to appreciate the view. One of the benefits of our vessel, the G Adventures MS Expedition, was an “open bridge” policy that allowed, within reason and safety, visits with the captain and his crew during our journey. Once on the bridge, we took in the instrument panel, complete with various monitors, scopes and blinking bits. It didn’t take long to determine that the instruments indicated there was a lot more to the icebergs underwater than above the surface. The captain’s face, fixed in concentration, confirmed our suspicions.

Once in the Lemaire Channel, we went out to the top deck to take in a healthy dose of fresh, crisp air for the full Antarctic sensory experience. To appreciate beauty requires some comprehension of the seen and unseen.

Open the panorama and take a spin around the front deck of the MS Expedition as it carves its way through Antarctica.

Panorama: MS Expedition Passes Through the Lemaire Channel in Antarctica

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    I love that panoramic view, I’ve never seen that on a website before. It is also quite novel for the captain to allow you on the bridge. It sounds like a very unique sailing experience.

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      By the time the end of the season comes, Antarctica can feel surprisingly warm in spots. You can even swim in the Antarctic sea if you are bold and courageous enough!

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