Panorama of the Week: Antarctica Zodiac Ride

After three nights on the infamously rough waters of the Drake Passage, we arrived south of the Antarctic Circle at Hanusse Bay. Our ship’s equipment room buzzed with excitement (and a tinge of nerves) as we donned our boots and heavy winter gear for a first taste of Antarctica’s icy blue waters.

What did we see on that first zodiac ride in Antarctica? Open the panorama below to find out. Absolutely worth the journey, worth the wait.

360-Degree Panorama: Antarctica Zodiac Ride in Hanusse Bay

panorama directions



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  1. says

    @Jordan and Sutapa: It was REALLY cold, but so worth it! After about an hour in the zodiac, you’re ready to go in for some warm tea :)

    @Henry: So glad you’re enjoying the panorama each week!

  2. Sutapa Chattopadhyay says

    I know you referred to a ‘zodiac ride’ in one of your essays as well as here. What is a zodiac? Pardon my ignorance…is it a boat/ship?

  3. Sutapa Chattopadhyay says

    I googled ‘Zodiac ride’ and Google search came up with ‘Uncornered Market’ ! Anyway, I think it is some kind of boat.

  4. says

    @Sutapa: Sorry about the confusion about the zodiac! The zodiac is the rubber boat that is in the photo. It has an engine on the back and is useful for zooming around and landing on the shore and such. The rubber is super tough. We get used to using such words sometimes that we forget they aren’t common vocabulary.

  5. says

    Oh thanks for the video, I really felt a part of this! It seems that you managed to bear the cold very well and do not look frosty at all, I could not handle it…


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