Argentina in Pictures: From Gauchos to Glaciers

Have you ever wondered what you would find on a visit to Argentina? We thought you might, so we share a slideshow of favorite photos we took while crossing the country four months overland — from Iguazu Falls in the north to Ushuaia on the very southern tip, and back north again to the windswept Calchaquíe Valleys.

Walking Into the Red Rocks of Northern Argentina
Walking into the Red Rocks of Northwest Argentina

Growing up, I carried with me an impression of Argentina that came as a result of long stares at a huge charcoal drawing of the face of a gaucho (cowboy), a wedding gift given to my parents by my mother’s Argentine relatives.

From move to move, continent to continent, the gaucho came with us everywhere my family went. He was an Argentine cowboy: proud, rugged, and weathered — much like the land and culture I imagined behind those wide sweeps of charcoal on handmade paper.

Fast forward several decades, and I finally had a chance to see Argentina for myself. I’ll never forget the gaucho on the wall, but now I carry with me images of a real-life gaucho — and all those hills, glaciers, red rock deserts, empanadas, wines and waterfalls to fill in the gaps.

Photo Essay: Argentina from North to South

If you don’t have a high-speed connection or you’d like to read the captions, you can view our Argentina Photos, North to South photo essay.

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  1. says

    Lovely. Argentina is such a diverse country, which is one of the reasons I found it so entrancing. From glaciers to deserts to the tropics, it had it all. Great job capturing that.

  2. says

    This photos are simple stunning. I love the way they capture the essence of the place and people. And they make me homesick:) I’d kill for some of those empanadas!
    Thank you for this wonderful slideshow.

  3. Andrea says

    These are incredible shots. We have about a month in Argentina and are trying to see as many places as we can there. I really look forward to the diverse landscapes.

  4. says

    @Susan and Laura: Thanks! Hope you get a chance to visit Argentina one day!

    @Andrea: The distances in Argentina are vast, but fortunately the bus system is great with big seats, meals and even wines on board. Enjoy your upcoming visit!

  5. says

    @Ayngelina: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed them. The surprise for us, even when we compiled this essay, was how diverse the landscape of Argentina is.

    @Ruth: Thank you. We were very fortunate to run into some really kind people along the way. Always helps.

  6. says

    @Gareth: We can definitely understand falling in love with Northern Argentina – great people, landscapes, food and wine. But, the south is pretty nice as well :)

  7. says

    I’m currently living in Buenos Aires and, though it’s a great city, I’m itching to get out and explore the north, for it just looks breathtaking. Thanks for the post :)


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