Audrey’s New Job

Wondering where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to? Our recent Twitter updates from the hills of Sikkim were all a facade.

We ran out of money. So Audrey went looking for work in Varanasi, India’s holiest city. And this is what she found.

Video: Audrey Working a Street Food Stall in Varanasi, India

How did Audrey get roped into this?

It was mid-afternoon and our brilliant tourist-horde dodging wisdom had us bearing the full load of the 43°C (110°F) heat. Unfit for man nor beast. But we powered on from one end of Varanasi’s ghats to the other. At the end of our sweltering walk, we happened upon a colorful food stand. I struck up a conversation with its owner and took some photos.

Next thing I knew, Audrey was in the man’s employ, turning aloo tikki – a spiced potato dish – in a hot pan with fresh vegetables and various chutneys. Audrey’s lesson turned into full-time employment as she received the thumbs up from locals and Indian tourists alike.

Stay tuned for my new career.

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  1. Harikuamar nair says

    At first, Thaks for your kind replay. I am very happy to read, you are remember me. In varanasi after the catering training you can start your own food stal like that. not in varanasi, U.S also possible.”Aundrey’s Kitchen”. ha ha ha. Any way fentastic. keep it up.

  2. Anne Swanson says

    Hilarious! Audrey, we always knew all the cooking you’ve done would serve you well….

  3. Chip Ritter says

    Excellent clip, guys! Audrey it was great to see you “live” after such a long time. And, Dan, it was good to hear your voice. I love getting your twitters and visiting the site!

  4. says

    Hi All: If I could only get my hands on an oven to make some magic bars, then my new career would really take off! My boss in Varanasi kindly let me go so that I can start the Annapurna Circuit trek in Nepal this weekend : )

    Actually, from all our street food experiences and travels, we have a great restaurant idea…know anyone interested in investing in the restaurant business?? We’ll keep you posted…

  5. says

    Vikramjit: Thanks for your comment and all of your support and suggestions. Just picked up a copy of Snow Leopard to take with us into the mountains.

    Hoping we can keep the dream team going around Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit…

  6. Blaz says

    Your new job reminds me of mine selling ceramics in Buhara … A very instructive experience. All at the sudden you become the hunter. And you know very well the usual excuses of your preys – you were one of them just a couple of minutes ago :D:D

    Wish you all the best!


  7. says

    Blaz: We also had fun with Star in Bukhara “behind the counter” trying to help her sell her ceramics. She taught us the “tricks of the trade” to read the body language of tourists and how to interact with different nationalities. It is very enlightening to switch roles for a short time and see yourself from the vendor’s perspective.

    We just returned from hiking for 15 days in Nepal – you would love it!

  8. says

    @maree-louise: We’ve been fortunate to have had many experiences like this on our journey, but most of the time we don’t think to video them :) We’ve met people of all ages on our trip…you’re as young as you feel!

  9. says

    @Sutapa: Food trucks are the rage around the world, it seems. I don’t know when, where and how this caught fire, but I think it’s a great development.

    Now it’s time to start an Audrey aloo tikki truck campaign.

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