Look for Ganesh! Bali Gate in Ubud [360-Degree Panorama]

The town of Ubud, Bali. Away from its polished main streets you’ll find little alleyways like this, narrow walkways cast, ditches cut on each side. Because of the tropical climate, plants grow and weeds sprout in just about every corner, crack and crevice. Balinese traditional homes, sprawled in giant courtyards, line the sides.

Take a stroll, pay close attention, and you may even find an ornate Balinese gate like the one pictured here. Though it looks more like an entrance to a Balinese Hindu temple than a home, it’s “only” a local family courtyard just a few doors down from a home stay where we gathered some rest for two weeks.

Look closer still, and you’ll see Ganesh holding court from inside the gate.

Open up the panorama to full screen and enjoy!

Panorama: Balinese Gate, Cortyard Entrance – Ubud, Bali

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    @Paula: What we loved about Ubud is that if you go just a few blocks/alleys off the main roads you are in rice fields and areas filled with local homes. Agree – it’s a great place to get lost.

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    Oh wow. This is amazing I found this just now. I’ve been raving to both my husband and Mike Sowden about how much I love your blog, but I’ve been at sea for a month while we sailed to Australia. And now that we’ve arrived, we’ve had this conversation that went,

    Me: Geez, this country is expensive.

    Husband: Let’s go to Bali and live cheap for a while.

    Me: Huh. I don’t know anyone who’s been there. Let me do some research.

    And lo and behold, there you are, with a post on Ubud! So, tell me, if you will, where in Bali did you go that you found the most inspiration? My husband and I are looking for a cheap, inspiring place to hunker down with our computers for a while and get some online work done without draining our bank accounts. But we still want to feel the love of adventure and travel while we do that. What do you recommend?

    - Tasha

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    @Tasha: Thanks for such kind words about our blog! I’m laughing at the conversation with your husband in Australia. Can definitely understand wanting to relax in Bali for a while.

    We spent most of our time in Bali in Ubud. I did some yoga there at Yoga Barn and we just relaxed and chilled out after our travels in Bangladesh. Although Ubud is touristy, there are areas off the main streets like this and it’s only a few minutes walk to get to the rice fields that are beautiful. There’s also a good, creative expat community living in Ubud with writer’s nights several times a month. Another thing I’d recommend is renting a motorbike to go around to different parts of the island. As for accommodation in Ubud, we stayed at a homestay called Indra Home Stay on Hanoman Street. It had OK wifi, but was a simple family home setting. We found it just by walking around – there are quite a few places like this in the back streets.

    Enjoy your time relaxing, exploring and not draining your bank accounts!

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