Beijing Photos – Before the Olympics

Seahorses for Dinner - Beijing, China
Sea horses on a stick at the night market in Beijing.

Beijing, China: a place where yesterday’s icons – dragons, Mao, pagodas, drum towers and the Great Wall – meet today’s urge to modernize and build to the sky.

Last winter, we captured a few images that defined our glimpse of Beijing in full-tilt transformation.

We watched buildings as they were demolished in hours and built in record time; sampled bites from Beijing’s local and international food scenes; visited Factory 798 (Beijing’s artists’ quarter); hiked along the Great Wall in virtual winter desolation at Jinshanling; spied prodigious cats prowling in traditional neighborhoods whose buildings hadn’t yet met the wrecking ball; and were entertained by the proliferation of Chinglish on street corners and in English-language menus.

With the 2008 Olympics approaching, all eyes are now on Beijing. Take a leisurely stroll through the city before the Olympics – and ensuing mayhem – begin.

Photo Essay – Beijing, China

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    The families were fun – they don’t seem to change as much as Beijing’s skyline! Given how Beijing is constantly changing, each visitor probably has a different set of photos based on when they visited.

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    Wow, great photos of Beijing! I loved the photos of 798 Factory. I wish i was there before during my last visit to Beijing. Nowadays, the CCTV tower is already completed. I am not sure whether there is already some offices inside, it looks amazing at CBD area of Beijing.

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