Bunny Chow Serendipity

Ultimate Bunny Chow in Durban

This is a story about an afternoon in Durban, South Africa where everything seemed to go wrong, but somehow ended up right. It’s also everything you ever wanted to know about bunny chow but were afraid to ask. … [Read more...]

Cape Town Road Trip: Chapman’s Peak Drive [360-Degree Panorama]

chapmans peak

There are certain parts of the world that simply cry out: Road Trip! You know the requisite ingredients: rugged cliffs dropping into blue ocean waters, waves crashing against rocky outcroppings, and pockets of white foam shooting into the air. Roads wind, barely two lanes wide, cars hug mountain turns. Drivers and passengers crane their necks to catch a glimpse -- the … [Read more...]

South Africa: From in the Books to on the Ground

Abseiling down Table Mountain with a view of Lion's Head, Cape Town

This is a slice of backstory regarding our current visit to South Africa. It’s about a man named Tutu, a book entitled Invictus and a musician called Rodriguez. It's about South Africa and about our relationship to places before we've ever visited them. Finally, it’s about our journey from Cape Town to South Africa’s Northern Cape. … [Read more...]

Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand [360-Degree Panorama]

Tongariro crossing

Our trek to the Tongariro Crossing on New Zealand's North Island was the trek that almost wasn't. Winds were fierce, rains continued to pour down and visibility only seemed to get worse right up to the day before we were set to hike.As night fell, winds began to subside and the rain slowed, but it still didn't look good. We prepared ourselves for the … [Read more...]

Extreme Wine Tasting, New Zealand Style

new zealand wine tasting

This is our on-the-ground introduction to the New Zealand wine scene, focused on the South Island regions of Marlborough, Central Otago, and Nelson. It includes recommended wineries, a wine cottage experience for the romance bucket list, and an insight into how wine tasting in New Zealand can be more frightening than jumping off a bridge. … [Read more...]

Channeling the Spirit of the Marathon: Hope Going Forward

Berlin Marathon - Young Fans

Pump your arms, your legs will follow... -- Marathon advice. Life advice?As I struggle to process what happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday, I wonder: “How is it that we humans invest so much energy in our own destruction?”Then I consider what’s at the heart of the spirit of marathons, and the reasons why crowds of people were gathered at the finish line … [Read more...]