Channeling the Spirit of the Marathon: Hope Going Forward

Berlin Marathon - Young Fans

Pump your arms, your legs will follow... -- Marathon advice. Life advice?As I struggle to process what happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday, I wonder: “How is it that we humans invest so much energy in our own destruction?”Then I consider what’s at the heart of the spirit of marathons, and the reasons why crowds of people were gathered at the finish line … [Read more...]

The Danger Map of the World: Fear vs. Awareness


This is about fear and awareness and how recognizing a distinction between the two can improve your travels…and your life.At the extremes, we have two choices in life: a) sit back and be afraid of absolutely everything and never leave the couch, or b) proceed recklessly and lean blindly into situations that will likely harm us.Or, there’s a third way. … [Read more...]

Spring Dreaming: G Adventures Gift Certificate Giveaway

Road trip New Zealand style

Winter hibernation is coming to an end. 'Tis the season of spring dreaming and doing. Think of it as prime time to dust off all those New Year’s resolutions, evaluate them, and begin doing those things that matter most. And soon. Years have a nasty habit of sneaking by before we know it.Does your spring dreaming tap into wanderlust and travel? If so, we’d like to … [Read more...]

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand: A Perfect Beach for a Picnic [360-Degree Panorama]

abel tasman

Confession time. This week's panorama is really for us. We've been enduring the tail end of a long winter in Berlin. (Yes, it's still going!).Gazing at beach scenes like this one offers a respite, a way to escape to New Zealand for a few moments to forget the lingering snow on the ground outside. We, too, travel vicariously -- even back to the places we've … [Read more...]

New Zealand North Island: Don’t Sell It Short

"Get amongst it!" - Audrey grabs a bit of junglelicious New Zealand rainforest

This is a story about living in someone else's shadow. It's also the beginning of our answer to the question: New Zealand, North Island or South Island?Imagine a geeky younger boy who grows up in the shadow of his brother, the all-star. The big brother gets all the attention, all the fame. But it's the younger brother with whom you develop a special relationship, … [Read more...]

The Evolution of a Nomad (or, Why Berlin?)

Berlin street art

This is a story about life shaping…and a thank you to the people who have helped make it possible.A few days ago we returned to Berlin from a month in New Zealand. Something was different. Really different. Traveling for a month is not particularly unusual for us, but the fact that we had keys to an apartment, one where our names were on the buzzer, certainly … [Read more...]