An American Abroad: Navigating State Department Travel Warnings

travel warnings

Stay safe in this post Bin Laden world. There is sure to be some backlash; work on your Canadian accent ;-) -- A friend offers us some advice in light of recent events.We’ve lived outside of the United States for almost 10 years, with more than four of them on this around-the-world journey. In that time, we’ve consumed our share of U.S. State Department travel … [Read more...]

Poo, Pills and Parasites: Around the World Travel Health Tips

Antibiotic and stomach medications

An around-the-world traveler’s guide to diarrhea, malaria, altitude sickness, motion sickness, headaches, birth control, eggy burps, cuts, scrapes, and green snot.During my first journey outside of North America in 1997, I flew from India to Australia. On that flight, courtesy of some of Mumbai’s most phenomenal street food, my bowels turned to liquid, so much so … [Read more...]

Going to Bali: Even Travelers Need a Rest

Yoga at Petra in Jordan

"Wait, isn't your life one big vacation?"I realize that we, as travel bloggers, do our bit to perpetuate this myth by posting fun updates and photos on an almost constant basis. While all these experiences are true, there are also unglamorous bits, challenging stuff that goes on behind the scenes.So here's a bit of the honest truth: I'm tired. Actually, I'm … [Read more...]