An American Abroad: Navigating State Department Travel Warnings

travel warnings

Stay safe in this post Bin Laden world. There is sure to be some backlash; work on your Canadian accent ;-) -- A friend offers us some advice in light of recent events.We’ve lived outside of the United States for almost 10 years, with more than four of them on this around-the-world journey. In that time, we’ve consumed our share of U.S. State Department travel … [Read more...]

Poo, Pills and Parasites: Around the World Travel Health Tips

Antibiotic and stomach medications

An around-the-world traveler’s guide to diarrhea, malaria, altitude sickness, motion sickness, headaches, birth control, eggy burps, cuts, scrapes, and green snot.During my first journey outside of North America in 1997, I flew from India to Australia. On that flight, courtesy of some of Mumbai’s most phenomenal street food, my bowels turned to liquid, so much so … [Read more...]