Vietnamese Summer Rolls: Keeping the Taste of Summer Alive (A Video Recipe)

Vietnamese Summer Rolls in Hanoi, Vietnam

As we look out the window of our sublet in Berlin today, leaves are changing colors, temperatures are dropping, and intermittent rain storms are battling with a sun that struggles to peek through the clouds. No doubt about it: summer is fading away in the northern hemisphere.So we offer a suggestion on how to hold on to the taste and freshness of summer: … [Read more...]

A Little Bite of Buenos Aires

Empanadas in Buenos Aires

When we poked around Buenos Aires earlier this year, our food quests were focused not only on understanding Argentine cuisine but also seeking out various ethnic cuisines that we hadn't encountered much while traveling the Andes and Paraguay. A couple of times a week, we’d head out with a restaurant recommendation, a gigantic map of the city, and scribbled notes as … [Read more...]

Audio Slideshow: Northwest Argentina, Road Trip Style

northwest argentina

Some places are best suited to road trips. They speak: move at your own pace, get lost, stop off in small towns, have the flexibility to enjoy whatever experiences might come your way.The area around Salta and Jujuy in northwest Argentina is one such chunk of perfect road trip territory. Listen and watch the audio slideshow below to find out why. … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Learning Foreign Languages on the Road

I am not a linguist, so when people find out that I am conversant in five foreign languages (French, Estonian, Czech, Russian, and Spanish) – most of which I’ve picked up on the fly instead of through formal study – they often ask me how I do it.I don’t have a “get rich quick” secret for learning how to speak a new language. It can be challenging, humbling, and … [Read more...]