Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

outside comfort zone

Go beyond what makes you comfortable. Open yourself to ideas, events, relationships that make you uncomfortable. Travel places where you know no one. Learn another language. Create art, even though you're not an artist. Argue with people. Fall down. Get up. Read books, all sorts of books. -- Juan Williams of NPR during his commencement speech at Whitman … [Read more...]

Gross Eats, Fearless Leaps and Lemonade Stands: Kids Being Kids [Audio Slideshow]

Ah, kids these days. The list runs long of their digital addictions: texting, gadgets, Facebook, internet, and video games. But during our visit to the U.S., we bore witness to a few fleeting moments that reaffirmed that kids are still kids.That is to say, kids as we knew them: little girls leveraging the lemonade-stand model to raise money for an afternoon … [Read more...]

Iguazu Falls: A Panoramic Peek into the Devil’s Throat

iguazu falls

Audrey and I have a complicated relationship with waterfalls. They are one of nature's finest features, and in just about every nook and cranny we've visited, one is recommended to us: " really have to see it."But as pleasant as those recommended waterfalls often are, most don't qualify as must-sees but rather as nice … [Read more...]

Coming to America: Sharing Our Journey at Home

Only two days ago, we were learning about biodynamic Chilean wines and ziplining through vineyards in the hills outside Santiago, Chile.Just yesterday, en route from Santiago to New York City, we took advantage of a long layover to peek into and poke around the colonial streets of Bogota, Columbia.Today we arrived in New York. (We are writing this on a … [Read more...]

Mothers Around the World, A Mosaic

When I think of my mother and my grandmothers, I feel fortunate to be born into a line of strong and determined women. My mother led by example, demonstrating that one's personal and professional life is not static, but rather an evolution in personal development and fulfillment that includes taking a bit of risk from time to time. Additionally, both my grandmothers … [Read more...]