Couch Surfing with KGB Agents

"In your travels, did you ever feel like you were being followed?” a friend recently asked.We looked up as if to page through our mind-file of creepy experiences: “No. At least we don’t think so.”Even when we answered, our response struck me as supremely naïve. Although we aren’t terribly important in the geopolitical grand scheme of things, somebody … [Read more...]

Road Trip Northwest Argentina: Where Gauchos Go To Party

As our rental car began to drift atop a layer of windblown sand, I grabbed hold, down-shifted and noticed the hills around me were swirled in a peppermint twist. All those Ruta 40 signs in Argentina finally delivered on an implied promise: you’ll be impressed, and what once captured your imagination will now claim your full attention.But it wasn’t the fabled … [Read more...]

What Do Nomads Call Home?

So we've been running all over creation for the last three and half years and living abroad for almost ten. In May, before visiting the United States we told people we were "coming home for a visit." More recently, we found that Central Europe (Prague, by way of Vienna and Bratislava) still feels like home.In an email just yesterday, one of our friends in … [Read more...]

What is Microfinance: A View from the Field

They were village women in braids, highland hats and tiny pumps. Some even had babies slung to their backs. But they all made their way about the makeshift soccer pitch at pace, kicking around a half-deflated ball. We -- of hiking shoes, branded outdoor clothing and little to weigh us down – were getting our butts kicked.We had just come from a mountaintop … [Read more...]