Couch Surfing with KGB Agents

"In your travels, did you ever feel like you were being followed?” a friend recently asked.We looked up as if to page through our mind-file of creepy experiences: “No. At least we don’t think so.”Even when we answered, our response struck me as supremely naïve. Although we aren’t terribly important in the geopolitical grand scheme of things, somebody … [Read more...]

Road Trip Northwest Argentina: Where Gauchos Go To Party

As our rental car began to drift atop a layer of windblown sand, I grabbed hold, down-shifted and noticed the hills around me were swirled in a peppermint twist. All those Ruta 40 signs in Argentina finally delivered on an implied promise: you’ll be impressed, and what once captured your imagination will now claim your full attention.But it wasn’t the fabled … [Read more...]