Do You Travel to Blog or Blog to Travel?

If you consider yourself a travel blogger, I have a question for you: Do your travels determine your blogging? Or does your blogging determine your travels?In other words, does your blogging life – your online persona and community – actively play a role in how you choose your travel destinations and activities? … [Read more...]

To Antarctica or Not?

antarctica zodiac

The other day we were chatting with some friends over dinner about travel and the topic of Antarctica came up. Perhaps it was the martini and red wine combination (it was a long day), but I got fired up as I considered the possibility.Until now, Antarctica seemed like a far off dream, the stuff of speculation only. But could we – or rather, should we – try to … [Read more...]

Keep Peru on Your Bucket List: Here’s Why

Maybe you’ve seen the photos coming out of Peru over the last week or two: raging rivers, washed-out bridges, mud-buckled railroad lines, and tourists being airlifted from under the shadow of Machu Picchu in the town of Aguas Calientes.We’re here to suggest -- despite it all -- that you keep Peru on (or consider adding it to) your travel bucket list. … [Read more...]