Peruvian Food: More than Just Ceviche

I feel sorry for the Colombians. They only have three types of peppers. -- A pepperista -- surrounded by 40 different pepper varieties at the Mistura Peruvian food festival -- sheds unintended humorous light on one of the many advantages of Peruvian cuisine.Peruvian cuisine has attained a certain hipness over the last decade. So when we put out a call to our … [Read more...]

Wandering the Zeroes: Reflections on a Decade of Travel

One decade ago -- late December 1999. As people counted down and stockpiled their cans of beans in anticipation of a Y2K-related world meltdown, I visited Dan in San Francisco while on extended leave from my Peace Corps assignment in Estonia. The word from Peace Corps management: get out because there are two Soviet-built power plants nearby - one in Russia, the … [Read more...]

Tarija, Bolivia: It’s About the People

Oh, Tarija. The women there are beautiful. It’s their smiles. They are the dream of every Bolivian man. -- David, our Bolivian guide for the Salar de Uyuni tour, delivers an animated testimonial for one of Bolivia’s lesser-known cities.Cafés with outdoor seating line palm tree-dotted squares; cars broadcast opera from open windows as they cruise the plaza; wine … [Read more...]