From Bangkok to Buenos Aires, For the Love of Public Transport

You took the San Martin city train? Foreigners usually just take taxis here. -– A local porteño, eyes wide, expresses shock at our opting to take one of Buenos Aires’ grittier public transport lines during our first week in town.Taxi cabs are easy: they get you from point A to B directly and with relative efficiency. In a taxi you don’t have to deal with people … [Read more...]

Guerilla Food Photography: 10 Tips for Taking Great Food Photos

How do you get food to look like that? What kind of camera do you use? Do you use any special lenses?Go to a big food website and the food glistens, the light is perfect and everything is in its place. But let's say you are a traveler carrying a pocket or DSLR camera and you have a fascinating, colorful spread before you that you'd like to share with others … [Read more...]

Potosi, Through Children’s Eyes (Where Were You When You Were Twelve?)

We eat the mountain...and the mountain eats us. -- David, a mine guide and former miner in Potosi, echoes a decades-old sentiment about the city's lifeblood, its world-famous silver mines.It was late morning and the sun was bright, the sky crystal at 13,400 feet in Potosi, Bolivia. We were being tended to by a group of schoolgirls dressed as nurses at a hygiene … [Read more...]

Peruvian Food: More than Just Ceviche

I feel sorry for the Colombians. They only have three types of peppers. -- A pepperista -- surrounded by 40 different pepper varieties at the Mistura Peruvian food festival -- sheds unintended humorous light on one of the many advantages of Peruvian cuisine.Peruvian cuisine has attained a certain hipness over the last decade. So when we put out a call to our … [Read more...]