Machu Picchu? Not Yet. A Slideshow of the Other Peru

As much as anyone else, we enjoy visiting world-famous tourist sites and embarking on adventure trips. Peru has been no exception. In fact, in just a few hours we depart for a five-day trek to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu by way of a mountain pass at 4650 meters/15,500 feet.But there’s almost always another side to the countries we visit. And sometimes we … [Read more...]

Microfinance Diaries: Seeing is Believing in West Bengal

The driver carved his way across northern West Bengal through territory unknown to most, including the mapmakers. Our SUV eventually rolled to a stop at the end of a dirt road where a group of village women dressed in their best and brightest saris were seated in a semi-circle on the ground. They had been waiting for hours.And they were waiting for us. … [Read more...]

What India Taught Me, Part 1: A Taxi Nightmare and Where Lost Baggage Goes to Die

To say that you’ve seen the world before seeing India is like saying you know yourself before taking a good long look at your naked body in the mirror.Author's Note: As we begin to write about our last visit to India in greater depth, I’m reminded of my first trip there -- also my first trip abroad that I took solo in 1997. Those were the days of traveler’s … [Read more...]

Central America: Immigration Stories

As we travel, it's common for locals the world over to ask us where we are from. In Asia, the response "The United States" was usually sufficient. In Europe, they didn't ask; they assumed.Not so in Central America. People were curious to know the states and often the towns and cities where we grew up, where we have lived. After sharing our details, it wasn't … [Read more...]