Wandering the Zeroes: Reflections on a Decade of Travel

One decade ago -- late December 1999. As people counted down and stockpiled their cans of beans in anticipation of a Y2K-related world meltdown, I visited Dan in San Francisco while on extended leave from my Peace Corps assignment in Estonia. The word from Peace Corps management: get out because there are two Soviet-built power plants nearby - one in Russia, the … [Read more...]

Tarija, Bolivia: It’s About the People

Oh, Tarija. The women there are beautiful. It’s their smiles. They are the dream of every Bolivian man. -- David, our Bolivian guide for the Salar de Uyuni tour, delivers an animated testimonial for one of Bolivia’s lesser-known cities.Cafés with outdoor seating line palm tree-dotted squares; cars broadcast opera from open windows as they cruise the plaza; wine … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays from Paraguay

School in Cambodia

A few days ago, we were enjoying the Paraguayan tradition of drinking tereré (a cold version of yerba maté) to cool off from the tropical heat. As we sipped, we chuckled at how the food stalls at the Encarnación bus station broadcast dueling Christmas songs -- a Jingle Bells here, a Frosty the Snowman there. Yet, there we sat sweating away.Hot or cold, the … [Read more...]