Thanksgiving in Bolivia, MacGyver* in the Kitchen

Thanksgiving may be over, but I’m still thankful.We admit it – we are the worst bloggers. Many wrote their Thanksgiving posts a week or two before turkey day while others prepared something to publish on the day itself.Then there’s us.We intended - we really did - to publish a reflection yesterday, but life took over and filled our day with a raft of … [Read more...]

From Ecuador to Turkmenistan: 10 Border Crossings We Have Known

What is it about land borders that attracts hookers, drifters, the down-on-their-luck and crazy travelers like us? The margins, the frontier: the domain of moneychangers, deal-makers, "friendship" bridges, duty free shops -- and occasionally, garden gnomes. Passing on foot from one country to the next, the feeling of adventure rises with a heightened sense of … [Read more...]

Our U.S. Radio Debut…and Behind the Scenes in Bolivia


In case you haven’t already heard, I was recently interviewed by Pauline Frommer for The Travel Show, a weekly radio program she co-hosts with her father, Arthur Frommer. We chatted about one of our recent articles - Fawlty Tours - and some of the pitfalls one encounters when booking local tours.The entire interview experience was terrific.But there’s more to … [Read more...]

Fawlty Tours: 7 Games Tour Companies Play

Our experience

We began this piece by writing a narrative tracing the hiccups in our Salkantay to Machu Picchu trek, but soon realized that our lessons learned go beyond Peru’s tourist-laden Inca corridor.So what happened? Our guide got drunk two nights in a row, tried to pinch us for more money with unplanned and overpriced transport, didn’t buy our Machu Picchu tickets in … [Read more...]

Travel and Value: What Can You Buy For $0.66?

Value: a topic of great debate, perhaps nowhere more so than in the world of travel.We've had friends rave about inns in Costa Rica that are a "great value" at $300 a night. At the same time, we've met travelers who do the "bad value" balk when accommodation anywhere runs more than $3.Call one a spendthrift. Call the other cheap. Value is in the eye of the … [Read more...]