Our U.S. Radio Debut…and Behind the Scenes in Bolivia


In case you haven’t already heard, I was recently interviewed by Pauline Frommer for The Travel Show, a weekly radio program she co-hosts with her father, Arthur Frommer. We chatted about one of our recent articles - Fawlty Tours - and some of the pitfalls one encounters when booking local tours.The entire interview experience was terrific.But there’s more to … [Read more...]

Fawlty Tours: 7 Games Tour Companies Play

Our experience

We began this piece by writing a narrative tracing the hiccups in our Salkantay to Machu Picchu trek, but soon realized that our lessons learned go beyond Peru’s tourist-laden Inca corridor.So what happened? Our guide got drunk two nights in a row, tried to pinch us for more money with unplanned and overpriced transport, didn’t buy our Machu Picchu tickets in … [Read more...]

Travel and Value: What Can You Buy For $0.66?

Value: a topic of great debate, perhaps nowhere more so than in the world of travel.We've had friends rave about inns in Costa Rica that are a "great value" at $300 a night. At the same time, we've met travelers who do the "bad value" balk when accommodation anywhere runs more than $3.Call one a spendthrift. Call the other cheap. Value is in the eye of the … [Read more...]

The Salkantay Trek: From Glaciers to Machu Picchu

“Oooh, Machu Picchu!” Even my mom caught the hype when I told her we were headed there last week. As excited as she’s been about our travels, I think that was the first "Oooh!" of our trip she ever uttered.We kept our expectations low, however. Maybe it’s our reflex reaction to the prevailing travel wisdom: “Machu Picchu is the granddaddy of South American … [Read more...]

7 Treks That Made Us Gasp

At the time this is published, we should be crossing Apacheta Pass (4,650 meters/15,255 feet) and one day away from Peru's Machu Picchu. That is, if the scheduled publishing works as it should and we don't need an emergency mule ride or airlift from the top of the mountain.In preparing for this, the Salkantay Trek, we reflected on other memorable multi-day treks … [Read more...]