Travelers As Diplomats?

Audrey Getting Helping Hand in Turkmenistan

On Thursday night I attended the launch of the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy’s National Initiative* at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The crowd was typically Washington, D.C. (if you’ve ever lived there, you’ll understand). PhDs, former diplomats, the NGO community, and graduate students were all represented.So how did I end up there?I was … [Read more...]

No More Bats and Bicycle Chickens: The Better Side of Burmese Cuisine

Streetside Soup in Rangoon

I remember my first taste of what was supposed to be Burmese food at a restaurant in San Francisco. There was none of the coconut milk and fragrance of Thai curries and the spice palette didn't inspire like it did in Indian cuisine.Underwhelming, I thought.However, during our visit to Burma (Myanmar), we quickly appreciated Burmese cuisine for the beauty of … [Read more...]

Inauguration Day, She Said: Peace Corps on Parade

Start: 5:30 AM. Finish: 7:00 PM. Time actually spent marching in the inaugural parade: 30 minutes. Was it all worth it?You bet.The possibility of participating in the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Parade hadn’t even entered my mind two months ago. However, a series of well-timed and serendipitous events resulted in the inclusion of my name on a list of … [Read more...]

Inauguration Day Images

At 5:30 AM on inauguration day - in a haze of sleep deprivation and anticipation - Audrey and I parted. She headed to the inaugural parade staging area to join the Peace Corps contingent and I, with a Pennsylvania Ave and 10th Street press pass in hand, headed toward the parade route. … [Read more...]