Bogartin’ on Gordi

Bogartin’ on Gordi!”

That’s what Russia is doing in Gori, Georgia – at least according to Angelo Moore, the lead singer of the ska-funk band Fishbone. Our conversation with Angelo takes place at the be2gether summer music festival , on the border of Lithuania and Belarus.

Even so, Angelo had a bit of trouble placing Lithuania and Belarus – and Russia and Georgia, too. But who wouldn’t?

Check out the video. It gives a taste of the be2gether festival atmosphere and finishes with Angelo’s take on international affairs.

Video: Angelo from Fishbone at be2gether Music Festival, Lithuania

A shout out to Tony Pappa of Conceptually Speaking for producing this video – and to Angelo Moore for entertaining us, on and off-stage.

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  1. Pete De Ritter says

    Having been at Woodstock (the first one), b2gether brings back some memories. There were a lot of people at Woodstock that weren’t too sure where they were so Angelo doesn’t need to feel too bad about that. Back then most of the bogartin’ was on joints and not other countries.
    Keep on postin’

  2. Brian says

    Dan I am way impressed. I saw Fishbone twice in Toronto in the ’90s. two of the most energy-filled, performances I have ever seen!

  3. says

    Nice one! We are about to start our 3rd year of our open ended world tour as a family & we are relaxing with catching up with some good friends in Sweden that we met on the internet, so thought I would drop by to see what you are up to. Fun to see we are not that far about at the moment, but I think you will beat us to Africa. 😉

    I have done extensive travel in Russia ( that included Georgia,Baku, Ukraine etc in 1988!), so I wanted to take my family there this year, but we decided to add it next year because our plate has been so full. Sad to see the goings on there & I worry about our friends there.

    We are enjoying making videos on the move too & just became partners with Youtube. Check out our channel:

  4. says

    Pete: Funny about Woodstock…my father visited the Woodstock museum recently. He said it was pretty good.

    What do they say about events like that: “…if you can remember it clearly, you clearly weren’t there.”

    Brian: Fishbone and Angelo were as energetic as they ever were. Hard to believe they have been around about 25 years.

    Soultravelers: Safe travels. Enjoy.

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