Beginners Guides: Practical travel guides to regions, countries and cities.

Ladakh Trekking: A Beginner’s Guide


Every year we try to go on a big trek, one that takes us far far away and high into the mountains. For us, it's not only a way to exercise our bodies, but to clear and challenge our minds. It’s a way to disconnect from all that is part of our daily life — technology, social media, blogging — and reconnect with nature and ourselves.Last year’s trek of the Markha … [Read more...]

Cape Town: Our Beginner’s Guide

12 Apostles & Camps Bay, Cape Town

Cape Town. You may come for beauty, but you’ll leave with a story.Cape Town, a city we had heard so much about over the years, but for so many reasons never took the opportunity to visit – until recently.  Like most, we were originally attracted to Cape Town for its natural beauty – think Table Rock cut by coastlines – but we also knew there was more behind that … [Read more...]

72 hours in Edinburgh: Stone, Ale and Spirit

Edinburgh rooftops

In celebration of Robert Burns Day in Scotland, we share our favorite pints, places, and provisions from the fair city of Edinburgh. Now, what did we miss?What’s the essence of Edinburgh? I probably need to return to answer that in earnest. But if you visit Edinburgh for a couple of days, here are a handful of things you could see, eat, drink and otherwise … [Read more...]

Vienna Travel: A Beginner’s Guide

Rathaus (Town Hall) - Vienna, Austria

This is the beginning of a multi-part series we’re calling “lost destinations” in which we highlight activities and destinations that we’ve experienced previously but haven’t written about extensively or enough apparently, for they surface often in conversation and in questions emailed to us by readers.Our first taste of Vienna came in late December 1998. We’d … [Read more...]

Berlin: A Beginner’s Guide

Berlin TV Tower and Berlinerdom

Traveling to Berlin? Here's our Berlin brainstorming guide to give you some approaches and ideas to get started.We have found ourselves in Berlin this year for the third summer in a row. Berlin draws us in, like the school kid who may not be the best looking in the class but has the magnetic personality that everyone wants to be around.Berlin for us is a … [Read more...]

Why Paraguay?

To be hugged by a rodent of unusual size (ROUS)?Despite all the itinerary changes we made during our Latin American journey, we never took Paraguay off the table. Maybe that’s because we knew virtually nothing about it. We hadn’t met anyone who’d been. That few others traveled there was an indication that we should. … [Read more...]