Birthday Month – A Charity: Water Challenge

Collecting Water at the Well - Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

Before you continue reading, go to your nearest water faucet, turn it on for a few seconds, turn it off, then stand back.The simple task you just performed constitutes a dream for nearly a billion people around the world. Why are we telling you this? Because we hope to use our birthdays this month as a platform to give to an organization that aims to deliver on … [Read more...]

Passports with Purpose: Help Build Libraries in Zambia

Young Kid Grabs Camera - Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania

This is not a story. It's a call to action: buy a $10 ticket, get a chance to win some awesome prizes, and help out a few communities in Zambia.Over the last few of years, Passports with Purpose (PwP) has built schools in Cambodia and village houses in India. This year, PwP is headed to a new continent with a new mission: to build libraries and raise literacy in … [Read more...]

Girls from Around the World, A Girl Effect Slideshow

Audrey with Group of School Girls - Khashia Village Near Srimongal, Bangladesh

We offer the following slideshow of girls we've met during our around the world travels in support of The Girl Effect, an organization whose goal is to promote awareness of girls’ issues around the world and to highlight the benefits of investing in girls as a means to poverty alleviation, better public health and community development.The more we travel and see … [Read more...]

An Evening with Refugees: When Going Home Isn’t an Option


Thanksgiving, an American holiday fueled by family gatherings and gratitude, came and went last Thursday. Unfortunately, we were away from home this year so we couldn’t spend this occasion with our family. But this was borne of our own choice, circumstances of our own making.In contrast, many people in this world do not have this choice. Simply put, they cannot go … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Ideas

Adrianne with Cambodian orphans

If you find yourself in the giving mood and stuck for an idea this holiday season, we offer a few gift ideas from our online shop and some charitable donation ideas from organizations we've recently discovered. … [Read more...]

Kyrgyzstan: Women Can Do It

Your Move

When times were difficult during the years following independence, the men felt sorry for themselves and the women carried on with the business of providing for the family. - a Georgian friend explaining the situation there during the early 1990s.Although the quote above is from Georgia, we heard it echoed by women throughout the Caucasus and Central Asia. When … [Read more...]

Svaneti, A Mountain Inauguration

A Song of Ages

As the first tourists to take advantage of the Svaneti Mountaineering Tourism Center (SMTC), we planned our arrival in the town of Mestia to coincide with the organization's inaugural party. Because of our exceptionally long ride from Zugdidi to Mestia, we barely arrived in time for the opening speeches, including one which singled us out and unexpectedly turned the … [Read more...]

Rally Madness

Fast Car: Tokyo to London

Where do you find a $200,000+ Aston Martin V8 Vantage sportscar followed by a clunking white Indian Ambassador? In Turkmenistan, of course.In Uzbekistan, we've also come across small cars covered with stickers and driven by Westerners desperate for the next mechanic or gas station.What's all the fuss? Awareness, fundraising and rallies. … [Read more...]