Interview with Adrianne and Rick


We introduced Adrianne and Rick earlier on this blog. Having told their story to several people recently and feeling renewed inspiration, we wanted to share more about them and their work.We feel that Adrianne and Rick can tell their story better than we can. Below are excerpts from an email interview conducted after they returned to Canada from their latest work … [Read more...]

Adrianne and Rick – Making a Difference in Cambodia

Adrianne with Cambodian orphans

When we began our journey, one of our goals was to meet inspiring people who are making a difference in this world - however small – and to tell their story. Adrianne and Rick, a couple we met while admiring the monitor lizards in Bangkok's Lumpini Park, were the first people to fit this description. We feel fortunate to have met them. It’s not just the work that they … [Read more...]

Big Brother Mouse

Big Brother Mouse - Luang Prabang, Laos

Big Brother Mouse (BBM), a book publishing and literacy program in Luang Prabang, produces children's books in the Lao language to help promote the love of reading and learning in children. The organization was started by a retired American publisher who saw the need for children's books and decided to try to fill the gap himself. The project is taking off and … [Read more...]

Hanoi’s Social Enterprises, Part I

Smile Cafe's Staff - Hanoi, Vietnam

As I was told by the General Manager of Craft Link, Ms. Tran Tuyet Lan, not-for-profit organizations have to sell quality products in order to survive. Charity isn’t sustainable.But Hanoi’s Hoa Sua School and Craft Link try. The customer gets quality food and handicrafts, respectively, in addition to the warm fuzzy feeling from contributing to a good social … [Read more...]