Geotagging Photos: A Software Review and Tutorial

Map of Koh Samui

Readers often question whether geotagging photos is worth the time and effort. Of course, this is a personal decision based on, among other considerations, the volume of photos you take, the number of locations you visit over a period of time, and the importance of knowing the precise location where a photo was taken. Oh, and whether you have a bit of geek in you, … [Read more...]

Travel Photography: The Fuzzy Area Between Iconic and Cliché

So their eyes are growing hazy 'cos they wanna turn it on, so their minds are soft and lazy.  Well, hey, give 'em what they want. -- Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs) in "Candy Everybody Wants"Have you ever come across a photo in a magazine or on another website and thought: "Hey, that's my photo!"?We were poking around BBC Travel the other day and came … [Read more...]

Women of the World: A Best of Slideshow

Throughout this journey, it has continually been impressed upon me that being a woman in many parts of the world is still no easy task. The force of prejudice and the impact of poor education, difficult working conditions, low pay and limited access to medical care make life challenging for women around the world.Hope remains, however. … [Read more...]

Guerilla Food Photography: 10 Tips for Taking Great Food Photos

How do you get food to look like that? What kind of camera do you use? Do you use any special lenses?Go to a big food website and the food glistens, the light is perfect and everything is in its place. But let's say you are a traveler carrying a pocket or DSLR camera and you have a fascinating, colorful spread before you that you'd like to share with others … [Read more...]

What is Guatemala? A Photographic Answer

Guatemala surprises with its variety and delivers a diversity of humanity and landscape that belies its size.From the indigenous groups whose villages press into the hillsides of the Western highlands to the epic Mayan ruins of Tikal, there's a little something for everyone within Guatemala's oddly carved borders. … [Read more...]

Capturing Humanity: 10 Tips for Great Street and Market Photos

Do you pay for your photographs? Do you ask permission? Have you had any problems taking photographs of people on the street?We field these sorts of questions often. Several readers also recently requested that we write a post about how we get our photos, especially of people in street and market settings.In response, we share ten tips for taking engaging … [Read more...]

Inauguration Day Images

At 5:30 AM on inauguration day - in a haze of sleep deprivation and anticipation - Audrey and I parted. She headed to the inaugural parade staging area to join the Peace Corps contingent and I, with a Pennsylvania Ave and 10th Street press pass in hand, headed toward the parade route. … [Read more...]