ExOfficio Travel Clothes: From Backpacking to Business

ex officio

This is a story of what we wear -- and how, when you pack so little, you’d better make it count.When all your clothes need to fit into a couple of packing cubes, every item seems precious. Multi-purposed too, like a Swiss Army knife. Easily layered, sink-washed to dry overnight or even in hours, and good-looking when it needs to be. Sturdy enough to hold up … [Read more...]

Poo, Pills and Parasites: Around the World Travel Health Tips

Antibiotic and stomach medications

An around-the-world traveler’s guide to diarrhea, malaria, altitude sickness, motion sickness, headaches, birth control, eggy burps, cuts, scrapes, and green snot.During my first journey outside of North America in 1997, I flew from India to Australia. On that flight, courtesy of some of Mumbai’s most phenomenal street food, my bowels turned to liquid, so much so … [Read more...]

Backing Up Is Hard to Do

2 TB of Data in Our Hands

Do yourself the most mundane - yet valuable - of favors in the new year: back up your data.If a hard drive has ever failed you, you’ll know the feeling. It's like that scene in the horror movie when the victim, in the stroke of a nanosecond, realizes the peril. At that point, the knife is through the curtain and the damage is done. It's all over.And … [Read more...]

Our Low Tech Travel Gear of the Year

Dan with his Dry Sack in the Annapurna Circuit

These days, gadgets and flashy digital toys steal the limelight. And I'd be lying to you if I said we didn’t enjoy ours. But sometimes it’s the low-tech items that literally save the day.From the dollar store to the health food store, we go old school for a moment and highlight some simple, non-gadgety stuff in our backpacks that we’ve come to know, rely on, and … [Read more...]

Lensbaby, GPS upgrade, and a Mac: What’s New in Our Packs

Nikon D300

We physically feel the weight of our equipment day in and day out. After settling down for a few days in northern Nicaragua recently, we unpacked and were visually reminded of it all, too.Although the contents of our gadget bags haven't changed drastically since we first shared the nuts and bolts of our digital nomadism, a few items have.Here’s what’s new in … [Read more...]

Our Office-less Office

Not a Bad Place to Get Work Done

Why are you carrying a dead body with you around the world? -- A fellow traveler attempting to carry one of our backpacks.If you've run into us on this trip, you may have noticed something of a contradiction: we appear heavily laden even though we exhibit a knack for wearing the same clothes almost every day.“What's with that?” you might ask.If our bags … [Read more...]