Celebrating International Women’s Day

Amazing Women of Asia Mosaic
Happy International Women’s Day!

In the United States, International Women’s Day comes and goes without much notice. Not so in Estonia when I lived there a decade ago.

Buy flowers for every woman in the office on International Women’s Dayf” was technically not written into every man’s job description. Neither was “pick up bottles of champagne and cognac.” But both may as well have been.

All partying aside, International Women’s Day celebrates women and their roles and leadership in family, business and society. The occasion also brings awareness to the challenges and discrimination many women around the world continue to face.

In the spirit of this day, we bring you a mosaic of a few of the women we’ve met along our journey through Asia.

However you decide to celebrate, we wish you a Happy International Women’s Day!

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  1. Agne says

    Happy International Women’s Day to you too, Audrey!

    Each year I am waiting for this day, because there is no other day like this – I am sure you can’t meet more men with flowers (mostly tulips) than on 8th of March :) Today it was a very special one – our cooks in Zoe’s made a huge Tiramisu for all Zoe’s women :) Despite rainy weahter and cloudy sky today, it made the day much brigther and happier :)

    Hope you got many flowers too :)


  2. says

    @Agne: Your comment made me smile. I had visions of men running frantically around Vilnius with arms full of tulips making sure they didn’t forget any important women in their lives. What a great image!

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