Fresh, Delicious and Cheap: Street Food in China

In case our Chinese market video turned your stomach, we offer something a bit more tasteful.

From the friendly Gansu bread man to the the giggling Qingdao dumpling ladies, China unfolds in a video montage of street food and kitchen scenes.

Video: Street Food in China

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    Eating local cuisine is just about my favorite part of international travel. Going local doesn’t always treat me well (i.e. salmonella from Mexico) but I love it nonetheless. I found the crepe maker in Beijing the most interesting clip. Such a pleasure to watch him skillfully smooth the batter. I rewound three times.

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    @Adam: Thanks. I’m with you. Food is the gateway to a culture, a window to the soul of a country. And street food is a great way to meet people.

    Glad you enjoyed the clip.

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    I love Chinese Street food, but to be honest, Qingdao is probably the worst city in China I’ve been to for street food. If you go to China, you must try the following:

    Re Gan Mian: Wuhan hot and dry noodles, amazing!
    Cai Mo: Leek and Egg in a flat bread
    Chou Tofu: Stinky Wuhan Tofu
    Ji Dan he tofu pancake: eggs and tofu with this amazing chinese spice
    Huo Guo: Chinese Hot Pot

    But Make sure its hot, if its not flaming hot, it will give you the squits!

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    @Sammy: Qingdao wasn’t that bad (in our memory) when it came to street food, however much of it (at least in the winter) seemed confined to hot pot. Also, there are terrific dumpling shops.

    Flaming hot…just made a note. Thanks for sharing your China eating experiences!

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