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Oh, and we’re funny and accessible, too. We know how to tell a good story.

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Here are just a few of the many ways we’ve added value and delivered to tourism boards, PR companies, eco-lodges, sustainable tourism organizations, travel service companies and more:

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Digital Storytelling for Destinations and Journeys

Need a new story angle to breathe life into a destination or brand? Perhaps you’d like to change the perception of your destination due to safety concerns or negative press? Interested in sharing the more human and personal side of your destination? Or drawing people in through its food and culture? This is what we do. We are storytellers who communicate your brand as an experience. And we do it all with a personal voice and authority from over six years of travel.

For more information on our reach, approach, demographics and what story angles and content we can bring to a project please take a look at our Media Kit.

  • Digital storytelling through social media coverage (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) of an experience, tour or destination. This creates quality content for partners to share and leverage real time during the campaign.
  • Long-form articles to plant the seed of purchase in a reader’s mind. The goal: not only to inspire, but to provide the reader with tools to take action and create his own adventure.
  • Multi-dimensional coverage of an experience, from food and wine to culture to adventure to personal growth.
  • Quality photography: in-the-moment images posted on Instagram, high-resolution professional photos, and 360-degree panoramas.
  • Depending upon the project, on trip engagements like Twitter chats or post-trip case studies to incorporate into speaking engagements (both industry and inspirational).

Previous projects and sample articles:

  • New Zealand, G Adventures, Air New Zealand, Marlborough Tourism: February 2013
  • Scotland/#Blogmanay: December 2012/January 2013
  • Nicaragua, Morgan’s Rock: December 2012
  • Paris, Ogilvy/Shangri La Hotels: August 2012
  • Japan, G Adventures: May 2012
  • Egypt, UNWTO/Egyptian Tourism Authority: April 2012
  • Mexico, Ogilvy/Visit Mexico: March 2012
  • Iran, G Adventures: November 2011
  • Tanzania, G Adventures: June 2011
  • Jordan, Visit Jordan: February 2011

What our Clients Say

“Dan and Audrey of UncorneredMarket.com were actually the first of the travel bloggers that JTB hosted on press trips in 2011, and I must say, they set a very high standard for the rest of the bloggers we hosted. They were exceptionally great to work with; they’re extremely professional, and knew exactly what we needed. Their posts remain some of my personal favorites that I have ever read about Jordan, and their site has also become a personal reference to me when I research my next travel destinations. Their coverage is well-timed, insightful, and genuine. It was exactly what JTB and Jordan needed at the time during the Arab Spring, yet they still remain timely and appropriate even now. I would definitely recommend UncorneredMarket. Not only was I very happy with my dealings with them, but JTB was also very pleased with their coverage. In fact, I would hope to work with them again.” – Reine Gammoh, Social Media Manager at Jordan Tourism Board
“Daniel and Audrey have been outstanding partners since we launched the Wanderers in Residence program late 2010. We chose them because of their stellar work on uncorneredmarket.com and because of the way they interact with and inspire the global travel community.”– Bruce Poontip, founder of G Adventures

Consulting: On-Site Experience and Story Analysis, New Media Strategy

Have you ever had difficulty communicating why your offering is different from your competitors’? Wondering how you can transform the way your product is marketed — from a commodity into an experience? Confused as to how to leverage the power of social media and bloggers to get your story across, cut through the noise of digital media, and connect with consumers? Whether you are a tourism board, DMO, PR company, ecolodge or property, we can help.

Bring us in to experience your offering, ask tough strategic questions, find differentiating story angles, and align your values, product offerings and marketing. For more information, take a look at our Professional Services Information.

Our goal: transform the message of your tourism offering from a commodity into an inspirational experience, and to help you effectively communicate this by using proven storytelling techniques and social media tactics.

  • Experience and Story Analysis: We identify core story and experience angles that are tied directly to your business. The focus is on aligning strategy to ensure product/service offerings are consistent with brand values and stories. Will consumers be able to feel the experience?
  • New media strategy: Your potential customer sees over 6,000 advertisements each day. How do you cut through the noise using digital and social media tools? Here’s where we tie storytelling techniques to the core of a new media strategy to help you do this.

What our Clients Say:

“Explain your tourism-related business to Dan, give him a few minutes or a few days to think about it. Then sit down while he explains what your business really is, in the form of an infinitely more interesting story. The tale resonates with potential travelers in a way that inspires them to engage with you, and aspire to take part in your trip, visit your lodge, or spend quality time in your destination. Audrey and Daniel represent the top combination of New Media strategists and practitioners in our industry. Honestly, I wish I didn’t owe it to him to tell everyone else what a great job they do, so I could monopolize as much of their valuable time for my own organizations as possible.” — Richard Edwards of Ecoism Global, regarding a consulting and social media strategy/training project with Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge, Nicaragua
“In one month alone the online followers of GSTC tripled. This was the work of the creative work of Audrey Scott and her partner Daniel Noll from Uncornered Market. Through creative and relevant content and constant outreach, Audrey and Dan promoted an important dialogue around sustainable tourism and build valuable followers. Always on time, sharing great ideas, creative approaches and going beyond their contractual commitment, they delivered an outstanding service. I am delighted to recommend Audrey and Daniel as a social media strategist and communicator.” – Erika Harms, Executive Director of Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

Training and Workshops

Lost on how to use social media and content marketing effectively …and with limited resources?

We offer a series of workshops and training that are not only strategic, but also practical. You’ll come away with tools and techniques to implement your social media strategy. This isn’t just about creating buzz, but about converting audience into purchasing customers.

Note: Hands-on focus workshops are customized for groups of up to 15 people. We also offer presentations and webinars for larger audiences.

  • Storytelling, Social Media and Blogger Cooperation: The Magical Mix? Differentiated message, unique channels, innovative partnering and connecting with consumers. It all begins with effective storytelling.
  • Social Media Training: Not every social media platform may work for you. We break down the different social media platforms and how you might use them to reach strategic marketing and messaging goals. We train you and your staff to in the social media platforms, as well as low cost effective tools to manage and deliver content on multiple social media platforms without losing your mind…or blowing your budget.
  • Effective Blogger Cooperation: In today’s new media environment, bloggers can play an important role as storytelling agents to get your story out there with a personal voice and with savvy social media skills. We understand both sides – the blogger and industry angles – so we can help you get the most out of your blogger campaigns and cooperation.

What our Clients Say:

“In November 2012 we engaged Audrey and Daniel as trainers for our PR team at visitBerlin in half-day customized workshop. Today we can say: they surprised us and made us think differently about our work. During the presentation they inspired participants to develop new project ideas and they provided ways to use our current assets and resource to promote Berlin as a destination and visitBerlin as a brand. They combine energy, humor, quality content and practical takeaways in a professional yet approachable, conversational style.” – – Nadja Reusch, Press and Public Relations, visitBerlin
“Audrey and Daniel are some of the most dynamic, persuasive and entertaining speakers you’ll ever listen to and learn from. They use story to tell why you must uncover, articulate and leverage your unique brand story in order to rise above the media roar and be meaningfully different in the hearts and minds of your customers (and those who will become your customers).” – Mark Campbell, Senior Vice President & General Manager at National Parks Revealed

Who is Uncornered Market?

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the husband-and-wife storytelling team behind Uncornered Market. We left our traditional consulting and business careers of over 20 years (combined) to pursue a dream of traveling around the world on what was meant to be a 12-18 month sabbatical. Along the way we built our travel blog and business from the ground up into one of the leading travel blogs and social media influencers in the travel industry. Take a look at our Media Kit to learn more.

What makes us different?

We are active practitioners in all that we consult on and train in, having been in the trenches of the tourism and social media industry for over six years. And we bring the perspective of travel experts who have visited over 75 countries with uncountable travel experiences of every budget and flavor. We understand the travel industry (B2B), but we bring the consumer perspective (B2C).

It is this combination that has led us to working with tourism boards, PR companies, DMOs, travel service companies and sustainable tourism organizations for the last few years. This is also why we are invited to speak at travel and sustainable tourism conferences in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.