Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott

Speakers, Storytellers, Entrepreneurs

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Daniel and Audrey speak to audiences on the following themes:

  • pure travel inspiration and life lessons
  • how to incorporate creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation into all aspects of your life
  • industry trends in travel, tourism and online media
  • how to market concepts like sustainable tourism without using jargon, and with limited resources

Daniel and Audrey infuse storytelling and inspiration into every presentation. This is why they have been asked to speak at both business and lifestyle conferences all over the world.

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Inspiration and Personal Growth

  • TEDx Warsaw, Poking The Comfort Zone 2013: What is your “what if?”
  • World Domination Summit (WDS) – July 2012: Living a remarkable life in a conventional world. Keynote presentation on why and how we embarked on our journey together and what lessons travel has taught us about the world, ourselves and each other. Check out the short version of the presentation below or enjoy the full version of our WDS presentation.
  • Future of Tourism Vancouver: Technology, Choice, People – A Discussion on Sustainable Tourism

Storytelling, Social Media and Working with Bloggers in Travel Industry

Daniel and Audrey at World Domination Summit 2012

Using Storytelling and Social Media to Market Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Daniel and Audrey at TEDx Warsaw

What others say about Daniel and Audrey

Daniel and Audrey told stories about meeting people across the globe, the common values we all share no matter where we call home and how we are all connected. Your audience will leave inspired and with a piece of every place Daniel and Audrey have visited in their hearts. And like I did, they’ll do something with it. - Ryan McRae, Professional Writer and Trainer
Daniel and Audrey’s talk at the conference I attended was powerful, memorable and accessible in the best sense of the word. They have a great stage chemistry as well as a wealth of stories to share, in an entertaining yet profound way. Their message is universal and applicable to many levels of business and life. - Akira Morita, Entrepreneur and Designer
Audrey and Daniel are two of the most dynamic, persuasive and entertaining speakers you’ll ever listen to and learn from. They use story to tell why you must to uncover, articulate and leverage your unique brand story in order to rise above the media roar and be meaningfully different in the hearts and minds of your customers (and those who will become your customers). - Mark Cambell, Senior Vice President & General Manager at National Parks Revealed
Daniel and Audrey spoke about quality content, storytelling, and social media in easy to understand, practical language. They included examples and tips that I felt like I could take away immediately, incorporate into my work and also suggest to students and other sustainable travel professionals. Their workshop exceeded my expectations! Their speaking and delivery combined energy, humor, quality content and tangible takeaways in a professional yet approachable, conversational style. - Giannina Veltri, Tourism-Travel and Eco-Adventure Program - Confederation College, Ontario
I greatly enjoyed your and Audrey’s presentation at ITB, which was clear, interesting, highly practical but also inspirational. I particularly enjoyed your insights into storytelling, which is a complex concept that you managed to explain and illustrate to a varied audience - Mady Keup, SKEMA Business School, MKInternational

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We value your privacy and would never spam you