Days of Double Rainbows

Double Rainbow, Fisheye View - Vilnius, Lithuania
A double rainbow in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Autumn days. The sun pulls up short. The light bends. The days shorten. We exchange the coming of winter for the changing of the leaves.

Today, in the midst of Mother Nature’s machinations, a double rainbow appeared outside the window overlooking the Church of St. Teresa in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Double Rainbow over St. Teresa Church - Vilnius, Lithuania
Double rainbow over St. Teresa Church in Vilnius.

Photos are courtesy of Tony Pappa of Conceptually Speaking, our camera-thieving host in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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  1. Megan says

    I haven’t checked in in awhile, but our paths almost crossed in Berlin this summer. I love this photo (and many others you have.) Take Care,

  2. says

    Agne: Each day the tree in the courtyard takes on a darker, redder color. It looks like it’s on fire when the sun is shining! We’ve been really lucky with autumn so far…hope it doesn’t go straight to winter now.

    Tony: Thanks for these photos and the educational link! Another random piece of information I can pull out at dinner parties…

    Steven: We almost missed the rainbows completely, but luckily a stubborn champagne cork drew the boys over to the window and there they were! I imagine Budapest is quite beautiful this time of year as well.

    Megan: Welcome back! Have you left Central Europe already? We’ll be heading south in less than a month. Keep checking back since we have a lot of colorful and engaging photography coming up: more ethnic minority China, Burma, India and Nepal. Then we’ll be caught up…phew!

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