Beautiful and Ghastly: China’s Ethnic Markets

Where can you find pig face manicures, dog steaks, gambling novice Buddhist monks, snake oil laxatives, and locals getting their teeth replaced on the street? How about dazzling embroidered traditional clothing, mountains of fresh greens, and meat so fresh that it still moves?

Only in China and only in this video.

Video: China’s Ethnic Markets

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    Amazing video! I love the way you edit it and your comments are actually pretty good to hear every once in a while. I am just amazed at the way the people dress in colorful and traditional clothing, the way they don’t seem to really be bothered by what I imagine to look like a tall/white man with a camera in his hand. The variety of food…wow! and of course all the “animals”…just the way they handle them..all part of every day life. Looks a lot more organic and natural than what we would see here…

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    Michele: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the video…and the comments.

    We enjoyed that market-goers seemed unfazed by our presence – particularly given that we were often the only foreigners and tourists hanging around. That said, people were usually very friendly and open to engagement.

    And yes, shopping in these markets the overall approach to food is quite a different experience than what we’re accustomed to in the West.

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