Flickr Photo Blues

If you’ve attempted to enter our photo gallery from here: in the last few days and have noticed a gaping hole, rest assured that you aren’t going crazy. All of our photo sets were showing up on that page one day…and the next day they weren’t. We’re having some problems with the Flickr API.

We’re about to catch a bus to northern Azerbaijan tomorrow, meaning that we won’t have time nor internet access to fix this problem for a few days. In the meantime, if you are looking for photo sets (including the latest from our travels in Georgia), check out these links:

UPDATE: The problem seems to have magically and mysteriously resolved itself. So, for the time being, please enjoy. Let’s hope that Flickr doesn’t decide to Flickr…on and off again.

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  1. Andy Knestaut says

    Hello Audrey and Dan,

    I hope all is well on your continuing adventures. Great website!

    Keep enjoying yourselves!

    Andy (Cathy Raines’ husband)

    PS – The Prague photo page has a slight error, a misplaced “are” in the second sentence.

  2. says

    Hi Andy,
    Adventures still occurring daily. Thanks for the comment (and the feedback…now fixed). We’re looking forward to posting more food and market stories soon.
    Dan and Audrey

  3. Imelda says

    Hey you have made it:-)! Got the visa and keep on rolling:-))! Bohdana told me that you called from Tbilisi and Baku proving that you are all survive.
    Hmm… i cant wait to read more of your food and market stories.

  4. says

    So far, so good with all the visa bureaucracy! We spent today at the Taza bazaar in Baku…a lot of fun. Stay patient for market and food stories from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan…it might be after Turkmenistan (when we can get an internet connection again).

  5. Shelley Grossberg says

    I see there is correspondence here between you and the husband of Cathy Raines. Cathy was my college roomate; we lost touch when I last wrote to her in Prague, and I thought you might know how I can get back in touch. I don’t know if she’s still in Prague or has gone back to Washington, D. C. If you could forward this query to her, or them, I’d be grateful.

    With thanks,

    Shelley Grossberg
    New York City

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