For the Love of Thai Food

If you were stranded on a desert island and could choose only one cuisine for the rest of your days, which would it be?

Have you ever considered this? The thought of choosing just one cuisine for the rest of our days makes us break out in sweats.

But change that question to: “What’s your favorite place for street food?”

Thai Red Shrimp Curry - Bangkok, Thailand
Street-side Thai red shrimp curry.

And we can breathe again. Thailand rises to the top of the list.

If our experience is any indication, street food in Thailand is delicious, available everywhere, hygienic (we never got sick…and we sampled A LOT), and remarkably inexpensive. It’s possible to eat something different every night of the week and spend about $1-$2 per meal doing so. And there’s something for everyone – vegetarians, pescetarians, and meatatarians alike.

We’ve enjoyed dining in Thai restaurants in Europe and in America. And thanks to a cooking class in Chiang Mai a few years ago we are able to craft our own Thai creations. But no experience matches eating on the streets and in the night markets of Thailand. There’s just something about the freshness, the variety, the abundance.

So, without further ado, enjoy a selection of food photos from Thailand.

Thai street food photo slideshow


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  1. says

    Wow! That food looks amazing. I love Thai food and it would certainly top my list for my cuisine of choice (German would be up there too). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to experience the real thing yet. One day for sure and those photos may have moved that experience up a bit higher on my travel list.

  2. says

    When my husband first came to Thailand he didn’t know if he could eat Thai food everyday and be happy. Well, it’s been more than 4 years and he’s loving it! Thai food has a lot of variety and visitors don’t seem to get tired of it. I had it all my life and no problem! 😉 Joy

  3. says

    Thanks everyone. Great minds and taste buds.

    @Lori: Thai and German food. There’s a fascinatingly divergent pair of cuisines. Makes me think of currywurst.

    @Agne: This one made us laugh.

    @Zoe: When/if that time comes, you just might have to find the ingredients at your local Asian market and cook for yourself.

  4. skydigger says

    There’s something very special about Thai’s love for food.

    I spent nearly a whole year there and for some reason even a Big Mac tastes better in Thailand…

  5. says

    @skydigger: A Big Mac in Thailand? The food in Thailand is so good, I’m not sure I could imagine going to McDonald’s — or any other fast food joint — for that matter, except maybe for an ice cream sundae.

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