Her Name is Avi

Young El Salvadoran Vendor - Santa Ana, El Salvador
Her name is Avi.

She is nine years old.

She lives in El Salvador.

She sells sugar wafer cookies on buses leaving the market in Santa Ana.

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  1. says

    She is beautiful indeed.

    But the photo is double-edged. We kept wondering: “Now why isn’t Avi in school?” And she is one of many kid vendors we’ve met around the world.

    A friend responded to this photo in an email with the following: “Avi is a gorgeous child. For the problems we have here, The US is still the best gig.”

  2. Jessica says

    oh gosh i know about those buses there, for the reason that, that was my hubbys way of transportation when i visited… i feel so bad for all those kids, that i know would love to be at school, but unfortunaly they are the help of their families. mi salvador lindo querido!!!!

  3. says

    @Jessica: Buses throughout El Salvador (and Central America in general) are really convenient. But this backstory of the kids is really sad. One day I hope, Avi and kids like her won’t be selling cookies, but they’ll be in school.

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