Iguazu Falls: A Panoramic Peek into the Devil’s Throat

Audrey and I have a complicated relationship with waterfalls. They are one of nature’s finest features, and in just about every nook and cranny we’ve visited, one is recommended to us: “Beautiful…impressive…you really have to see it.”

But as pleasant as those recommended waterfalls often are, most don’t qualify as must-sees but rather as nice faucet-trickles.

Not so Iguazu Falls in Argentina. This is one serious collection of waterfalls and a sight truly worth a visit.

As we dug through our 360-degree panoramic photos from Argentina, the following panoramas seemed to capture a slice of the aerial aquatic immensity that is Iguazu Falls. In the words of one visitor, “These make Niagara Falls looks like a water fountain.”

A Panoramic Tour of Iguazu Falls

To best view the 360-degree panoramic photography below, click on the box at the far right (4 arrows) and move inside the image using your cursor or the arrows.

Devil’s Throat (La Garganta Del Diablo) at Iguazu Falls

panorama directions


A View of Bossetti Falls (Salto Bossetti)

panorama directions


Choices: Argentina vs. Brazil Side of Iguazu Falls and a Boat Ride

For those of you planning a visit to Argentina and more specifically to Buenos Aires, very seriously consider tacking onto your itinerary a visit to the falls. Staggering in both water volume and height, they wrap for miles.

Although we cannot comment on the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls, the Argentine side features a beautifully-designed park full of walkways and views that put you up close to lots of vertical water. A one-day visit felt sufficient, and special too — some say that the falling water generates an ionic mist that actively imparts so much positive energy that it can leave visitors feeling giddy.

If you are debating whether or not to shell out the $60 USD for the Great Adventure boat ride, we recommend it. There’s no shortage of expensive, disappointing boat trips in this world, but the one that takes you under the falls is a thrill.

Yes, you get soaked — that’s the idea — but the rush of nature’s power makes it all worth it.

If you are still not convinced, take a look at the slideshow below.

Photo Slideshow of the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls

If you don’t have a high speed internet connection or you would like to read the photo captions, check out our Iguazu Falls photo essay.

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  1. says

    Wow! Great shots. I’ve never given a lot of thought about going to Iguazu, but those comments about the positive and energizing effects of water are sounding just about right right now while I’m warding off stress-inducers with a machete!
    LOVE the panoramic shots! Almost got dizzy for a minute there!

  2. says

    Once again, stunning photos. Argentina & the Falls are high on my bucket list. I could kick myself for not seeing them on the Brazil side in 2008. Time to repair that oversight and you reminded me, thanks! :)

  3. says

    Awesome panoramic shots. I was there about a year ago, but didn’t dish out the extra money for the boat ride, though it sounded really fun. Sounds like that would have been a good investment… Falling water in large quantities really is stunning.

  4. says

    Great pictures as usual! Although, for some reason the thing that sticks out for me is Dan’s llama shirt. It’s a fine choice of wardrobe for a waterfall if I must say so myself :)

  5. says

    You are so right! How many times does the advertisement for an amazing waterfall, fall super short of expectations (and gushing water!?) But clearly Iguazu doesn’t disappoint. We didn’t make it to the Falls on this trip, but they are on for our next World Tour.

    Amazing photography!


  6. says

    Completely agree. Iguazu is incredible, especially when you can lean over that railing and stare straight down into the mist. While different, the Brazil side just can’t compare to the Argentina. Even our Brazilian friends told us that before we visited. :)The first time we went, we only did Brazil, the second we did both and you get to see so much more and get so much closer with the Argentina.

    We actually talked a guy out of doing Brazil while waiting in line at the embassy/consular in DC. They were giving him all kinds of trouble with his visa and the only reason he was getting one was just to see the falls on that side. We told him to save the stress and money and stick with Argentina. :) Great photos!

  7. says

    Wow! I remember that day fondly. We were very thankful for that Great Adventure boat ride and its hand in introducing us to you two amazing friends :)

  8. says

    Thanks all for the compliments on the photos. These were tricky because of all the water. It was virtually impossible to keep the lens clean and dry.

    @Margaret: Stress-inducers and machetes? That sounds like very serious stuff.

    @Joan: Thanks. I’m glad that our post came in handy. Any more questions, let us know. Sounds like you have a solid itinerary planned.

    @Deborah: Have fun! The question is: will you do the boat?

    @Pete: It was over the top. I was honestly quite surprised by how much we enjoyed it. I know that sounds a bit silly — after all, travel is about enjoyment. But, you know — waterfalls. But this one is for real.

    @Nomadic Chick: No sense crying over spilled milk. Or should I say, that’s water under the bridge. Or perhaps, that’s water over the falls.

    @Mark: I can understand not wanting to dish out the extra dough for the boat. We rationalized it because we had just received a Christmas gift from family in the form of some cash. The timing just seemed right. Having said all that, if you go to Iguazu Falls and you don’t do the boat, you’ll be plenty blown away by the falls alone.

    @Kyle: Like the Llama shirt? That’s a Bolivia original.

    @Johanna: Thanks.

    @Lori: Thanks for your perspective regarding Argentina vs. Brazil side of Iguazu Falls. Makes us feel better (and aligns with what we’ve heard from others), but more importantly, other readers will find it helpful in making their decisions.

    @Lindsay: I’m glad you commented. The feeling is mutual. Funny how life works. Like I said, there’s just something special about the falls.

  9. Linda says

    Saw both sides of the falls in Sept 09… overwhelmingly beautiful…. we stayed in the park on the Brazilian side… I loved both sides of the falls.. and the boat ride is great!

  10. says

    @Manisha: Nice to see you here — looking forward to seeing you again. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

    @Linda: Thanks for your comment. No doubt Mother Nature outdid herself at Iguazu. Sounds like a solid vote for both the Brazilian and Argentine side of the falls.

  11. says

    Those 360 degree photos are awesome! I have been living in Buenos Aires for about 8 months now and just made it over to the Falls last week. I am originally from Buffalo, New York so I can compare the Niagara and Iguazu first hand and it’s true… Iguazu is incredible. Best advice is to try to get their for a “moon walk” they only do it 6 times a month around a full moon and you can go see the falls at night! Freaky stuff!

    Best regards and safe travels.


  12. says

    Thanks for the information guys! Iguazu Falls has been a site that we have wanted to see for a long time. I agree with you, there are some things worth spending the money on, so when we finally do make it there we will splurge and take the boat. I can’t believe that it takes you under the falls! That is so cool. Beautiful shots as usual and always useful information. When we go to South America we will scour your site just like we did for India. You two rock!

  13. says

    @Gareth: Great to see you here and thanks for your comment. Glad you like the panoramas. Especially glad we have a native from around Niagara who can give us the head-to-head comparison. Full moon walks, whether they be on top of mountains or in front of waterfalls, are always a treat. Great advice. And happy travels to you!

    @Dave and Deb: As for the boat under the falls, it doesn’t take you *right* under the draft (if it did, you probably wouldn’t be around to blog about it). But it does take you awfully close and under some of the falling water and mist. Although the thrill is relatively short (you’ll certainly want more), you’ll feel a noticeable rush of adrenaline.

  14. says

    I always wanted to see the Iguazu Falls – loved my time there.
    Incidentally they had 50% more water than usual currently. This made for
    a lot of white water :)


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