The Best Of Jordan in Photos

Our journey through Jordan took us from sprawling Amman to the ancient Roman city of Jerash and Nebatean city of Petra. Along the way, we made our way through canyons, deserts, dusty villages, forests and farmland. We took dips in both the Red and Dead Seas. This is all to say that Jordan packs quite a lot into a small land mass.

Someone on Twitter recently asked us how Jordan was as a photographic destination. We admit we’re a bit biased, so we invite you to check out the slideshow below and decide for yourself.

The Jordan Experience: A Best Of

IIf you don’t have a high-speed connection or you’d like to read the captions, check out our Best of Jordan photo essay.


Disclosure: Our trip to Jordan is sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board, but the opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

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    @Nomadic Chick: Glad we were able to fill in some of the blanks regarding Jordan and its people and what to do and see there. Hope you have a chance to visit on your journey!

    @Giuletta: The cool thing about the desert landscapes in Jordan is that they come in different colors, style and feel.

    @David: Actually, that picture is of Arabic coffee which is a mixture of ground coffee and cardamom. This is what gives it the light, tea-colored look.

    @Laura: Thank you! We’d also love to return and have a running list of things (mainly hikes) we didn’t get to do this time we’d like to do next time.

  2. says

    @Angela: We were surprised by the diversity of Jordan’s landscapes. This country has a lot more than just desert-scapes.

    @Bethany: The sunset at Dana Reserve was really spectacular. Hope these photos encourage you to visit Jordan even more!

    @Sonya: Thanks, glad you enjoyed these photos!

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    Beautiful photography! I’ve always been drawn to Jordan as well and I’ve been thinking about going with United Planet for the longest time.

    Sounds like it was an especially memorable place for you two!

  4. says

    @Lara: Sounds like you need to install Flash to see our slideshows.

    @Lola: Thank you! If you go to Jordan, we’ll look forward to seeing and hearing about your experiences. We enjoyed our time there.


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