Journey from Turkmenistan to Tajikistan

We realize that we may confuse our readers occasionally. One day we’re writing about Tajikistan and the next day about Myanmar, all while traveling through Thailand.

Why so much bouncing around?

We tend to write a few pieces about a location as we travel through, only to write a bunch more upon reflection. We’ve been writing a lot about Central Asia recently, not only because we feel that it’s a region worth sharing, but also because writing about our experiences and what we’ve learned from them is our way to process it all.

Mir-i-Arab Medressa - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Kalon Mosque, Mir-i-Arab Medressa and Kalon Mosque in the Silk Road city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Because we conclude our written and photographic tour of Central Asia with this post, we thought it would be useful to display an interactive Google Map marked with each stop of our journey through this little known region. We floated into Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan on July 21, 2007 and crossed into China from Kyrgyzstan over the Torugart Pass on October 25, 2007, giving us just over three months to gather our impressions. Even with this relatively significant amount of time, a long list of places we’d like to visit “next time” remains.

If you are interested in reading more about any of these countries, click on one of the links below and it will take you to a page with articles and links to photo galleries from that country.

If you would like to cut to the chase, check out our Golden Camel Awards series to find out the best and worst of Central Asian food and markets, logistics and sights and scenery.

If this region doesn’t interest you in the least, read about one of the other regions we’ve traveled through (e.g., the Caucasus or Southeast Asia) or browse our photo gallery.

We are eager to share some of our recent experiences in Myanmar, but much of our focus will be on China, including more articles and photos from the western frontier of Kashgar to the booming Olympic-frenzied capital of Beijing. Qingdao and Shanghai rounded out our first visit to China in 2007; our thoughts on China, Part I will conclude there. If we can convince the Chinese authorities to grant us another visa, we will visit the southern provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan this spring to gather impressions for Part 2 of our China series.

Central Asia, we say goodbye for now.

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