Kashgar Animal Market Video: An Unusual Slice of China in Full Motion

I sat down today to sift through our video footage from China with the intent of making a Chinese market video; I barely made it past the town of Kashgar (Xinjiang). What an incredible place.

Buried in the footage, I laughed my way through a procession of wooly camels, stubborn donkeys, cowboys and sheep at the old world Sunday livestock market.

As I watched the clips, I felt transported to another place, to another era. It’s not just my nostalgia for the road; Kashgar is truly special – an unusual little slice of an old and quickly fading world encroached upon by ever more development.

Rumination about Kashgar’s future aside, enjoy its present…you’ll get a glimpse into its past, too.

Video of Kashgar’s Sunday Animal Market, Xinjiang

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    Pete: Thanks. We are doing well, currently making our way through the Estonia and forever trying to catch up on writing and photos from our Asia trip. Burma to India up next.

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