Trekking Ladakh: On Top of the World in the Himalayas [360-Degree Panorama]

Five days into our Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh, India. We were on our way to Nimiling, a summer hangout for local shepherds (with their flocks of sheep, goats and cattle/yak hybrids called zos) and the overnight base camp for our final ascent to Gongmaru La Pass (5,130 meters/16,800 feet). That morning we endured and enjoyed our share of steep climbs, losing ourselves to the mountains and our slow, deliberate pace.

Then a break: a lunchtime spot at peaceful clear lake with views of Kang Yatze Peak (6,400 meters / 21,000 feet) and the Zanskar range. In so many ways, we felt very much like we were on top of the world.

Open the panorama to full screen to see why.

Panorama: Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh, a Lake on Top of the World

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    @Gina: Yeah, we’re kind of odd like that – going to the Himalayas to relax :) But it was definitely worth the effort to get there!

    @Marysia: Thanks, glad you enjoyed this pano!

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    Awesome! I just love these panoramas. Well done guys.

    How was the trek? Just got caught up on your instagram feed – looks outstanding. That’s a part of India we hope to visit one day.

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    @Cam: Thanks for the kind kudos on this! Credit for shooting goes to Dan :)

    The trek was great. Challenging, but so worth the effort. Not only are the mountains stunning (some of the most amazing views we’ve seen anywhere), but staying with families in homestays along the way really pushed this trek experience over the edge. If you go this way, let us know – happy to help & recommend a great guide!

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    Ah, your photos never cease to take my breath away! So so stunning, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to witness that view in person. Another thing added to my ever growing bucket list :)


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    @Jenna: Aww, thank you! This 7-day trek was full of moments like these, where it’s so beautiful you kind of wonder if you’re dreaming. Ladakh had been on our bucket list for over a decade, so it was really special to be there — and it didn’t disappoint.

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