How to Enjoy a Namib Desert Sunset [360-Degree Panorama]

When late afternoon falls and the day comes to a close in Southern Namibia, a ritual begins: the sundowner.

Prepare yourself by four-wheeling it to an overlook, high perch, or just about anywhere you can catch the sunset bathe the vastness of the Namibian desert landscape.

Then wait. Particularly if you are the guest of a discerning guide, your patience comes paired with a gin & tonic in one hand and a few bits of biltong (salted, dried meat) in the other. Simple and mildly decadent.

As the sun sets over the petrified dunes in the Namib desert, the colors turn to deep, bright reds and pinks as if by water color brush. But it’s just after the sun dips below the horizon that the performance really begins, winding along the color wheel to a finish where the desert blushes in twilight afterglow.

The Namibian sundowner. Simple in name and concept. Yet beyond enjoyment, it’s an opportunity to observe, to let Mother Nature wash over you in color, and to absorb it all in appreciation.

It’s something you’ll come to look forward to each evening while carving your way through the reaches of the Namibian desert. Open the panorama below to full screen to see why.

Panorama: Sundowner in the Namib Desert

panorama directions

Disclosure: We were in Namibia as speakers for the Adventure Travel World Summit. Our transport and pre-summit tour was provided to us as part of our speaking arrangement. As always, the opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

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