Pamir Mountains, Pamir Highway and Wakhan Valley Sites

The following is a bulleted list of sites and markers along the famed Pamir Highway, all the way from Osh, Kyrgyzstan to Khorog, Tajikistan. This particular list follows the southern route (Langar to Ishkashim) along the Wakhan Valley that traces the Tajik-Afghan border.

Donkeys Walking Home - Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan
Donkeys walking home through the Wakhan Valley. Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan.

We offer this up not for our casual readers, but for those headed to the Pamir Mountain region. We found the Lonely Planet Central Asia to be mildly confusing, particularly when we tried to determine the most significant points of interest in sequence along the Pamir Highway. This list may also help you in labeling all of the photos you’ll likely take on your journey along the Pamir Highway. Even armed with a GPS geotagging device, it was helpful to have this list to reconcile where we’d been with all the photos we took.

In order to derive the maximum amount of value from your drive along the Pamir Highway, consider carrying this list, your guide book (e.g. Lonely Planet) and a detailed map of the Pamir Mountain region and the M41 Highway.

START: Osh, Kyrgyzstan

  • Bas Bulak
  • Papan Reservoir off to the right
  • Along the Toldik river
  • Chigirchik Pass at 2406 meters
  • Gulcho
  • Murdash
  • Zhergetal
  • Kichi Karakol
  • Taldyk Pass at 3615 meters
  • Sary Tash
  • 21 of the 33 km on A372 to Sary Mogol
  • Pik Lenina at 7134 meters
  • Kyrgyz border post at Bordoba
  • Tajik Border
  • Kyzyl-Art Pass
  • Markansu
  • Uy Bulak Pass at 4232 meters
  • Eastern side of lake, just before Kara Kul village, home stay and saka kurgan and solar calendar
  • Lake Karakul at 3914 meters
  • Just before Akbajtal Pass, caravanserai
  • Akbajtal Pass at 4655 meters
  • Tabortakbajtal
  • Chechekty (museum, too)
  • Murghab
  • Saly Unkjur Cave
  • Mamazir, home stay
  • Neizatash Pass at 4314 meters
  • Chatyr Tash (rock formation)
  • Off road to Bash Gumbez
  • Aluchur (Alichur) at 3863 meters
  • Lake Sasyk Kul
  • Lake Tuz Kul
  • Off M41
  • Khargush Pass at 4344 meters
  • Hausibeks Viewpoint
  • Khargush (on Afghan border)
  • Past Tilabay Nature Reserve on left
  • Castle and petroglyphs (just before Langar)
  • Langar
  • Hisor
  • Zong (castle)
  • Zugvand (solar calendar)
  • Shirgin (mazar, shrine)
  • Drizh
  • Nizhgar
  • Iniv
  • Vrang (castle, shrine, cave, museum) – kids led us up
  • Vnukut
  • Yamg (solar calendar, museum)
  • Yamchun (baths, castle)
  • Vichkut
  • Tuggoz
  • Ptup (mazar/shrine)
  • Navabad
  • Zmudg (solar calendar, shrine, dune)
  • Past Pik Karl Marx at 6723 meters
  • Shitkharv (waterfall, mazar/shrine)
  • Darshai (castle, petroglyphs, mazar/shrine)
  • Togakhona
  • Boibar (Ramanit)
  • Udit
  • Namadgut-Bolo – where we stayed
  • Namadgut-Poyon (mazar/shrine)
  • Dasht
  • Ryn (solar calendar, mazar/shrine)
  • Pyanj River
  • Ishkashim (at 2510 meters)
  • Border cross at Darwan (to Sultan Ishkashim, Afghanistan)
  • Sumjin
  • Yakhshwol
  • Malvoj (hot spring)
  • Barshor
  • Kozideh (can off-road to Bagush)
  • Shanbedeh
  • Voeg
  • Sist
  • Kuh-i La’l
  • Andarob (off to Snib, Garam-Chashma)
  • Khaskhorug
  • Shichozg
  • Nishusp
  • Pish (café)
  • Gozhak

END: Khorog (at 2070 meters)

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