Panorama of the Week: Sunset on Sanur Beach, Bali

A stroll down Bali’s Sanur beach at sunset: kids flying kites, fisherman catching the last fish of the day, boats sitting tight on shore in low tide. All the while, the setting sun creates a light show in a marshmallow sky.

Enjoy this Bali moment.

360-Degree Panorama: Sunset on Sanur Beach, Bali

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  1. Sutapa Chattopadhyay says

    I am a naturalized American (of Indian origin) living in the US for 31 years now. I loved your website! It is one of the best travel websites I have seen.

    Your outlook on life, the ‘personal growth’ side of it, also impresses me a lot. Thanks for the photos. The photos of India (and of the food in India) are so impressive (and mouthwatering). But I just discovered this site and it will take me months and months to go through everything here.

    Looking forward to the next few months. I am blown away by your photos!!

  2. zagyzebra says

    The prettiest thing I have seen today…beyond a doubt. Well, there are those spring flowers.

    Thank you for posting this unbelievable video. I, like the other commenter, always enjoy checking in to see what you’re up to and where your travels have taken you lately. There aren’t any other travel blogs I enjoy following but yours.

  3. says

    @Sutapa: Thank you! What a terrific compliment. Sometimes it takes another’s perspective to show/re-show us the depth of where we’ve been and what ground we’ve covered. Thank you again and we hope to see and hear more from you.

    @zagyzebra: We’re glad you are with us. We are humbled on all accounts. Thank you.

    @Liz: Am glad we could help light a fire.

  4. says

    Great shot: loved the description of a “marshmallow sky”!
    The panoramic show is great in that it renders the local view very realistic. Easy to make connections with similar beaches and scenes we have walked in other parts of the world. Kite flying is fun to watch, especially when the kites are very creative, colorful, artistic and reflective of local cultural preferences.

  5. says

    @Tim: Thanks. Glad you liked marshmallow sky. That’s what it looked like, almost as if the sky were on the very edge of a slow-brewing storm front. And the kites — on Sanur beach and across the island — are terrific. Not only their color, but also the sounds they make as they’re grabbed by the wind.

  6. Duke says

    Bali is really a beautiful place.I have visited there but i didn’t go to Sanur Beach.I have missed a beautiful sunset.

  7. says

    @Henry: My advice in general is to go in the shoulder season, but while the weather is still good. If you apply this to Bali, you’ll want to go after the winter holidays in January, but before the summer vacation high season crowds. I think your sweet spot is February to May. The driest portion of that is probably April-May. The other option is September to December, the driest portion of that that coincides with the least amount of crowds would roughly be the end of October to mid-December.

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