Panorama of the Week: The Best Place to Smoke The Hubbly Bubbly?

Sure, the Rock Bar in Petra has great ambiance and a smooth lemon mint shisha, Luigi’s at the Dead Sea Movenpick has impeccable shisha service and adds a nice belly dance, and Al Rasheed in Amman is the ideal place to chill out in the big city.

But when I think “shisha in Jordan,” where will my first memory go? I’ll remember hanging with the guys in the northern Jordanian town of Rasun.

If you ever trouble for what to do on a weeknight in a Jordanian village, get yourself to the corner store for a little shisha and mix it up with some conversation. While the ambiance may not be 5-star, the people probably will be.

Open up the panorama below to get a taste of this experience yourself.

360-Degree Panorama: Evening Shisha at the Corner Store — Rasun, Jordan

panorama directions

Note: Shisha (otherwise known as hubbly bubbly, also called nargila) is syrup-flavored tobacco (e.g., lemon mint, green apple, melon) smoked through a water pipe, or hookah. It is common to end dinner or spend an evening with friends smoking shisha. It’s mainly smoked by men, but women also partake depending on the circumstances. Shisha is not an illicit substance, and smoking it will not have you swarmed by Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents.

Disclosure: Our trip to Jordan is sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board, but the opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

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  1. says

    @Kirk: They were. After all, they were hanging out with their pals, as I’m sure they always do.

    Regarding the occasions when women might smoke shisha, I’m thinking of two. First, I made a note of seeing quite a few women (from the region and elsewhere) smoking shisha at the Dead Sea Movenpick. And second, more generally, foreign women are often offered the option to smoke as well.

    @Andi: So you know shisha?

    @Marcello: It was a cool place to hang out. Not conventional by any means, but that’s what made it fun. Here’s another shot, where I’m actually with them, center of smoking attention:

  2. says

    @Sofia: Was down-to-earth for sure. But the other shisha experiences were great, too. Smoking shisha in the cave-like setting of Petra’s Rock Bar and taking a draw while watching a belly dance made me feel like a pasha.

    @Sonya: Glad you are enjoying them. Multiple dimensional image to share a multi-dimensional experience.

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