Panorama of the Week: Kathmandu Valley Harvest – Bhaktapur, Nepal

Harvest time in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. Courtyards and squares are taken over with tarps and burlap mats covered with grain drying in the sunshine.

360-Degree Panorama: Harvest Time in the Kathmandu Valley – Bhaktapur, Nepal

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  1. says

    This is really cool. I didn’t realize how interactive it is. I subscribe to your RSS feed but it usually doesn’t load correctly in the google reader. I followed the link and am thoroughly impressed. Thanks!

  2. says

    @Jameson: Because the spherical panorama uses flash, it unfortunately doesn’t come through in the RSS. We’ve had some people complain about this, but we don’t have another technology except flash to display them. Glad you decided to follow the link this time! We post a new panorama from around the world every week.

    @Pramod: Glad you enjoyed this panorama! We really enjoyed our visit to Bhaktapur. We haven’t written very much yet on Nepal – hope to do more articles on our experiences in Kathmandu Valley.

  3. Sutapa Chattopadhyay says

    The town looks deserted, though. Is this a market, or is it just a place where the harvested crop is gathered…

  4. says

    @Sutapa: This is a residential courtyard area that we stumbled upon when we got lost in the windy streets. It was during the daytime, so I think that some people were away at work and school. Each family takes a portion of the courtyard to dry the harvested crop (either from their own plot of land or bought from someone else). The rain started soon after we took this photo, so everyone had to quickly move everything away so it wouldn’t get wet and possibly rot.

  5. says

    Fantastic panoramic view, I love the fact that the community all work their own little area of the harvest. I can imagine that this courtyard is a bustling community at the weekend or on market days.

  6. says

    @Ryan: Glad you liked it. This harvest view was a nice authentic turn of events to an otherwise fine, but touristic, experience in Bhaktapur. This is where real life was taking place, not to mention where you could have a conversation or two with the local people.

  7. says

    As usual, we just missed you guys. We were in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur working with a Fair trade group at the end of June. We’re back home now for a few months but I am hopeful that one day we will finally cross paths with you guys. As always we love following you! Meggan and Beau

  8. says

    @Meggan: In full disclosure, we actually took this panoramic photo a couple of years ago…but just posted it now. Every week, we share a panorama from around the world – sometimes it coincides with where we’re traveling at the time, sometimes it’s just a cool panorama from another part of the world. Sorry for confusing you!

    Your work in Nepal sounds interesting and quite fulfilling. Keep us updated on your travel plans – would be wonderful to meet somewhere!


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