Panorama of the Week: Cathedral of Orvieto, Italy

In the medieval Italian hill town of Orvieto, all roads lead to the Piazza del Duomo. And for good reason — it’s there that you’ll find the city’s 14th century Orvieto Cathedral.

It’s as grand and fabulous as it looks in the panorama. Open it to full screen and take it for a spin.

360-Degree Panorama: Cathedral of Orvieto, Italy

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    Ah I just felt like I was in Italy again. Thanks for that :). I didn’t get to go to Umbria when I went to Italy as I ended up spending so much time in Tuscany! Will definitely visit Umbria next trip though.

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    @Dean: On our last visit to Italy we spent most of our time in Tuscany as well, but we definitely want to return and visit more of Umbria. We’ve heard has great village food festivals throughout in the summer and fall.

    @Sophie: It is hard to beat the architecture of Italy! Even some of the smallest villages have stunning medieval buildings and churches.

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    @Giulia: Thanks and no worries. Hopefully the Orvieto Catheral (well, actually the entire town and the province of Umbria for that matter) will be standing for a while.

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    This is too cool! I wish I knew how to make one of these. Italian architecture is so stunning, especially their cathedrals. I love that this is so crisp and lets you see it from top to bottom. I couldn’t get over how beautiful and intricate the buildings were in Florence. I’ve never been to Orvieto, but hopefully one day–I love small Italian towns. Perugia is one of my favorites!

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    @Emily: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. We’re hoping (more like threatening…it’s been taking a long time amongst all our other work) to do a tutorial one of these days on making these types of panoramas.

    The cathedrals in Italy are pretty impressive. I have to admit that before we stitched this panorama, we didn’t expect much. Not sure why. But the result blew us away. Like so much of Italy, there’s a lot in and around Orvieto. You have Tuscany including Maremma (and places like Pitigliano) nearby. I’ve never been to Perugia, but the photographer who shot our wedding in Tuscany now lives there, so we’ve got a connection to go back.

    Florence is where we bought our wedding rings. And it’s beauty kept me busy back in the days of my Renaissance Art History class. Unbelievable history that city.

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    Orvieto is a wonderful city!

    Hello! I am an Italian boy and I live near Orvieto. If you plan to visit Italy, Umbria is a good idea. Orvieto is a lovely city and if you want to eat a good pizza you can go to Charlie. Charlie is a pizzeria located in the historical center of Orvieto.

    There are other beautiful towns in Umbria and you should not miss are: Perugia, Todi, Foligno.

    Via a good trip!

    Riccardo Agostini EmozioneAvventura

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    @Riccardo: We only had a short time in Orvieto on this last trip to Italy, but hope to return and spend more time in Umbria…especially during all the sagres. Thanks for the suggestions for other towns in the area to visit!

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    We love Orvieto! On one of our trips, our Renaissance dance group had its own passeggiata through town, through the piazza here, left at the clock tower and on to Sant’ Andrea. The police department enjoyed watching us dance in the square.

    We also sang mass in the Duomo on a fr-fr-fr–freezing Sunday morning.

    Mmmm, dinner at La Palomba….

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    @Sheila: That must have been a blast dancing your way through this square and through town! Singing in the Duomo must have been another incredible experience – how were the acoustics?

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