Panorama of the Week: Pienza, Tuscany — A UNESCO Site Worth Getting Married In

Ah, Italia!

We begin a week of reflection and a reaffirmation of our love affair with Italy. Why now? Because we are revisiting the scene of the crime: our wedding, ten years ago, in the UNESCO World Heritage Tuscan hilltown of Pienza.

As we picked up our uphill pace and turned the corner to enter Pienza’s main piazza, the scene was that of the Tuscan hill town we remembered. Heads up, Renaissance stone, echoes of Pope Pius II’s vision of a perfect town, delis stacked with wheels of pecorino (the local sheep cheese), hunks of wild boar salami, and piles of dried porcini mushroom slices.

But we felt like we owned a little piece of the place. Ten years ago, we ran across the plaza under a shared umbrella while locals chanted “Sposa bagnata! Sposa fortunata!” (a wet bride is a lucky bride). The entire event — from start to finish with all of its twists and turns, shared with friends and family — was wickedly magical and perfect in its own imperfect way.

Open up the panorama below and tilt up for a tour of the Pienza main plaza to see the scene (today) for yourself.

360-Degree Panorama: Palazzo Comunale and the Main Square in Pienza, Tuscany

panorama directions

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    Not that I want to complicate your life, but do you ever think about grabbing ambient sound too? I love seeing them, but sound would add a whole new level of experiencing these places without being there.

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    Oh! You were MARRIED In Pienza! How utterly fabulous–and so glad you could return for your anniversary. Last fall, Tim and I stayed in a hilltop villa with a view of Pienza and more, and we could hear her bells ringing. Ghostly, lovely, fab. We cannot wait to return!

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    @Pam: Good suggestion re: more audio clips. We usually think first about the photos and videos first, but you’re right that having more sound to incorporate into these panoramas or into audio slideshows would make things come more “alive.”

    @Kathy: Thanks for the congratulations! We had a darn good time :)

    @Sarah: Glad you enjoyed this and have fun in Italy next week!

    @Kyle: Rain on your wedding day is A-OK with us if it means many more happy anniversaries like this one.

    @Andi: Glad to hear that these panoramas make your day!

    @Lola: And the feeling is mutual – your approach to your work, life and family is also inspirational.

    @Lisa: The area around Pienza is gorgeous – glad to hear you had such a great experence as well. For the wedding, our family and friends stayed at an agriturismo in the valley nearby – at night we could see the hilltowns all lit up. Really magical.

    @Sunduvan: Glad you enjoy the technology behind this so you can move around the image.


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