Panorama of the Week: Blue Sky Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador — at 2,800 meters (9,200 feet) in elevation, it’s just a bit closer to the sky than most capital cities. Walk around Quito’s old town and you’ll feel it — not only because of the slight shortness of breath you might experience, but also because of the inimitable cloud-popping blue sky overhead. It’s so surreal that you sometimes feel you can reach up and touch it — if only you could stretch just a little bit more.

Throw in a few parks, dramatic staircases, and a few of Quito’s impressive colonial churches like San Francisco Church below, and you’ve got yourself a visual that you just might never forget.

And no, that sky is not photoshopped.

360-Degree Panorama: San Francisco Church in Quito, Ecuador

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    Audrey, that is a lovely pano photo! Our family was in Quito this past spring during Semana Santa, and the plaza shown in your photo was packed with people. We didn’t have the spectacular sky that you enjoyed. However, the Semana Santa procession was incredible, with thousands of robed cucuruchos and other participants–an experience that we will never forget!

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    @Henry: The colonial buildings in Quito’s old town are impressive. This is just one of many beautiful churches in the area.

    @Kathy: Glad you enjoyed this! Must have been such fun to see Quito during Semana Santa – I can only imagine the colors and festivities.

    @Jordan: It’s a secret :) Actually, it’s a combination of using an 8mm fisheye lens (4-5 shots) and stitching the images together with some software (AutoPano Giga) and then creating a flash tour from the panoramic image using AutoPano Tour. It takes some practice to get the initial shots right, but over time it gets a bit better.

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    Just checked in and listened to you guys on You Tube this arvo, love your mission and hope we meet someday, somewhere!

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    @Jo: Thanks for responding and your support for our mission. Hope our paths cross somewhere…the world is big & small all at the same time :)

    Now I’m intrigued – which video were you watching on YouTube?

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