Panorama of the Week: Temple Gates in Trichy, India

Smack dab in the middle of Tamil Nadu in southern India is the city of Tiruchirappalli (say that three times fast), or Trichy (much easier to say, isn’t it?). It boasts several famous Hindu temples, including Sri Ranganathaswamy (You can say that three times fast, too, if you like.)

What you see is classic India: one part deep history of layered carvings and colorful paintings and another part everyday life of bicycles, shops, street stalls and kids trying to pronounce Audrey’s name.

360-Degree Panorama: Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Gates – Trichy, India

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Arguably the world’s largest functioning Hindu temple in the world, Sri Ranganathaswamy is vast. So take your time — and lots of water — to explore. Maybe you’ll join people eating at the Hall of 1,000 Pillars where thalis (trays of food) are distributed for a contribution, or perhaps you’ll meet a few families along the way.

Or maybe you’ll find an elephant giving blessings.

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    Nice use of the panorama! I traveled in India for almost 3 months but never made it as far south as Tamil Nadu. This just proves how huge and diverse India really is! I’m hoping to go back to India one day and explore more of that amazing country!

  2. says

    @Connie: Thanks. Like any photography, spherical panoramic photography is best used in certain types of situations. And this contrast — with some action, but not too much — seemed to work and express Trichy in one of the ways we remembered it.

    As for India, it’s vast and deep. And there really is no country quite like it. It’s possible to spend an eternity there, it seems. As it was (on my second visit), we focused on some out of the way areas — particularly in the north — and our experience was all the better for it.

    @Andi: It’s possible to think about India all the time, I suppose.

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    Wow, great panorama! India is definitely up there on my list – and the world may be conspiring to get me there as my boyfriend’s uncle gave me a book on India for Christmas!

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    @Rebecca: If the world is conspiring to get you to India, that’s a good thing! Not to sound like India’s marketing campaign, but it really is an incredible place. Overwhelming to the senses, yes. But fascinating.


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