Panorama of the Week: What Awaits You in Antarctica

Antarctica. The word still brings smiles to our faces and a jolt of experience adrenaline. It triggers emotions and evokes images of our journey south of the Antarctica Circle earlier this year.

Antarctica excites others, too. We receive a lot of emails about it: asking us about our tour, details regarding how to book, what to bring, when to go.

But earlier this week we received an unusual email. A man had booked an Antarctica tour with his wife, but she read an article we’d written on our rocky ride through the Drake Passage and was now a little freaked out by the journey. He wanted to know when we had taken our trip and was looking for something to give his wife some reassurance.

I tried to alleviate fears (our trip was later in the season, which brings a higher chance of storms); I offered advice on seasickness remedies and motion sickness bands.

But, I still felt bad that our piece could spark additional anxiety. I offer the following panorama as the second part of my response.

Yes, the Drake Passage will always be the Drake Passage. It’s rough. But once you’ve earned your stripes, this is what awaits you. Antarctica stuns. It’s worth the rough seas — even epically rough seas — to get there.

360-Degree Panorama: The Sun Comes Out at Prospect Point, Antarctica

panorama directions


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  1. says

    Antarctica was the last of our “see all 7 continents initiative.” Suffice it to say the we saved some of the best landscapes int he world for last. Carzy beautiful!

    That drake passage is a doozy, though! Can you imagine being in Magellan’s ship making that voyage. Our boat had “stabilizers” and it was (no pun intended) rough.

  2. says

    Love this panorama and the photos in honest Antarctica.

    And I love the feeling in your writing. It bulges with metaphors – no cliches can be found. I teach personal essay writing and it occurred to me that the vividness of your prose reflects the aliveness you feel.

    You’ve got the awe and wonder we all had as children when we opened our eyes to the heaven that awaited us and started our wanders.

    Thanks! Giulietta

  3. says

    @Canaan: After going through the Drake Passage, I really can’t imagine what it must have been like for the early explorers coming through in relatively tiny wooden boats. They must have jumped from the boats and kissed the ground when they go through to land in Antarctica. It is an incredible place though, which explains why so many of the early explorers kept coming back.

    @Sarah: Traveling to Antarctica is very expensive, but it is one of those trips you’ll never forget.

    @Giuletta: Your kind words about our style of writing and approach to exploration (with children’s eyes) really means a lot to us – these are two things that we value highly. Thank you.

    @Andi: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this latest panorama in the series!


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