Poll: Rebranding the Financial Crisis

Can somebody please come up with a better name for the ongoing financial crisis?

Foreclosure of Mortgages - St. Augustine, Florida
Real Estate During a Financial Crisis

Bite-sized $50 billion ponzi schemes, $700 billion bailouts, $350 billion disappearing acts called TARP (wet blanket might have been a better name). Not to mention all the economists, opinionators, prognosticators, pundits and professional guessers yelling at one another on the television.

Except for a precious few (among them Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Paul Krugman, Harry Markopolos, and some obscenely wealthy short-sellers), no one saw it coming. But that hasn’t prevented the punditocracy and bloggerati from giving us the heads-up, ex post facto.

And with all the marketing and branding muscle flexing itself in the blogosphere, there isn’t a snappier, snazzier name for the ongoing financial crisis, other than Ongoing Financial Crisis or possibly The Meltdown?

Sure, the thing hasn’t fully played out and it seems to confuse and confound more each day. And CNN doesn’t even have a financial crisis theme song yet, do they?

So here goes – democracy to work. Help rebrand the financial crisis by voting in the poll below. If the choices we provide don’t work for you, choose “Other” and let us know in the comments section what you would name the financial crisis if you were in charge.

Note: And if you think we are following The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof (he coined the term Bust Bowl for the banking crisis), our poll began its life back on January 28.

On Topic?

At first glance, the financial crisis may seem off topic for this blog. However, the effects of the crisis – shuttered businesses, foreclosure signs, endless kitchen table discussions, and permeation of the airwaves with it – have made it the backdrop of our visit to the United States.

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  1. says

    @Rajesh: Seems appropriate, particularly in the current age of acronyms.

    @Nicole: I think you just might have captured the sentiments of many with that one. This story has earned its right to be filed in the “truth richer than fiction” bin of history.

    @Melanie: An apt title. I watched a bit of the Frontline special on the internet. A dark chunk of truth, indeed.

  2. says

    How about “you all are a bunch of idiots for being homes you can’t afford and you over there are even bigger idiots for lending them money and then thinking they could pay it back a huge interest.”

    I think it could catch on.

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