Spring Dreaming: G Adventures Gift Certificate Giveaway

Road trip New Zealand style. Landscape shape shift at Lake Hawea.
Road trip, New Zealand style

Winter hibernation is coming to an end. ‘Tis the season of spring dreaming and doing. Think of it as prime time to dust off all those New Year’s resolutions, evaluate them, and begin doing those things that matter most. And soon. Years have a nasty habit of sneaking by before we know it.

Does your spring dreaming tap into wanderlust and travel? If so, we’d like to help you make it a reality.

Here’s how: A G Adventures Giveaway

We’re giving away a £300 ($450/€350 equivalent) gift certificate to use on a G Adventures tour of your choice*.

Here’s the question to get you dreaming:

If you win, where in the world would you use this prize?

Although G Adventures doesn’t go absolutely everywhere in the world, they do offer tours in over 100 countries. So there’s a good chance they have something going on in the place you’re itching to experience for yourself.

Dan and Audrey, why are you doing this giveaway?

We originally received this prize by winning the Hostel Bookers Blogger Award for Community Spirit. We thought it appropriate to celebrate by giving the prize away to our readers.

And, we do giveaways for products or services that we would recommend to our family and close friends. It’s because of our experience with G Adventures that we believe this prize has a worthwhile value attached to it.

By way of relationship background, we’ve been working with G Adventures since the end of 2010 as members of their Wanderers in Residence brand ambassador program we know the company and its tours quite well. In fact, we’ve taken six tours with them over the last few years: New Zealand, Japan, Iran, Tanzania, Bali and Antarctica.

How do I enter to win?

This part is pretty easy.

The contest runs from Friday, April 5 to Monday, April 15 (11:59 PM EST). A winner will be selected randomly and be announced by April 17, 2013. You must be over 18 years old to be eligible to win.

1) Sign up for our newsletter. This one is required. Bonus: it automatically gives you two entries.

2) Like our Uncornered Market Facebook page with this entry form. Bonus: this will make you feel amazing.

3) Add a comment below answering the question above about where in the world you would use this prize. Have fun and dream big. “Where would I like to go? I’m thinking it’s time to raft down the Amazon!”

*Fine print for the G Adventures gift certificate:

  • £300 (or equivalent) off for one participant aged 18 or over.
  • Used with any guaranteed departure G Adventures small group tour departing before 31 December 2013 and booked before 30 September 2013.
  • This prize does not cover any additional extras or optionals, Meals and flights are excluded unless indicated as an integral part of the tour.
  • Not valid on trip type Independent or any MS Expedition trips.
  • The prize has no alternative monetary value.

Thanks for entering and good luck!!

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  1. Joanne says

    Dreaming of New Zealand as my next big trip. And after following your posts and seeing your pics…cannot wait!

  2. Sara Johnson says

    it has to be an adventure in Iceland for me. wildlife, beautiful scenery & hopefully a glimpse of the northern lights would make for perfect photo opportunities = one happy me!

  3. says

    I would like to spend the money on my Germany trip. Germanic is a brave race, they confessed their fault after 2 World Wars. And the ecconomy of Germany grew so fast, so I want to visit this mystical country.

  4. Keely Brown says

    I want to go everywhere in the World! But at the moment I’m in graduate school trying to become an elementary school teacher. I would only have a week to travel so I would probably explore Central America and save bigger trips for later in life :)
    Great contest. Thank you!

  5. says

    I really want to go to America so that I can not only visit travelling friends who I haven’t seen in 2 years, but also to visit the incredible national parks and eat loads of food!

  6. Dianne says

    Since I was a child I have been fascinated with going to Antarctica. Being confined to a desk all day in hot & rainy Florida, I dream daily of being able to look out onto the White Continent and add to my love for landscape photography! Plus I love G Adventures. I can’t wait to travel with them again!

  7. says

    I plan to spend 2 months in / around Argentina in November and December. It’s my dream to hike in glacier-land / around Patagonia, see the wildlife, and take awesome pictures. Also started learning Spanish in preparation.
    Also planning a trip to Antarctica during the same period.

  8. says

    I have been dreaming of G Adventures Voodoo Trail through Benin, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast ever since they introduced the itinerary! It’s such a unique trip and seems very under-traveled. I’m also from Louisiana, so the voodoo appeals in that sense as well :) Thanks for offering your G Adventures gift certificate for this contest! This is so great!

  9. says

    This is a pretty sweet giveaway and if I won I’d use the voucher to visit Morocco, a country I’ve wanted to visit forever for reasons I can’t really explain.

  10. says

    Since we’re currently in Buenos Aires and heading north to Salta and then Bolivia, it’d make sense for it to be a trip in that region, which I’m really looking forward to!

  11. Jill says

    Wow so many choices! I think I’d head to Morocco with G Adventures. Its been high on my list of places to see and experience!

  12. Toby says

    I would follow the footsteps of Marco Polo and travel the Silk Road all the way from Turkey through Iran until I reach China.

  13. Amanda St.Mary says

    I would love to New Zealand…every day I dream of going back and it’s genuinely the only thing I want in the world!

  14. Marita Tambelt says

    I would take a one-way ticket to fly 6000km from where I am writing this right now to the island of Madeira in the middle Atlantic Ocean and go hike the old local water roads called levadas, pick a few mangos and anonas on the way to have a picnic on the black sand beaches and blonding blue ocean and end the day drinking a passion-fruit poncha in an old local bar while listening to the endless chirping of the Madeiran firecrests. Wake up in the morning and repeat the entire thing all over again!

  15. Margot D says

    My travel fantasy replays: lets rug up for Antarctica & Galapagos, Iceland or Norway for Northern Lights or rugged up for Peru or Morocco ….. anyone I’d be delighted with!

  16. Anita says

    I’d love to explore Costa Rica’s Nature Reserves, take photos & draw birds; as well, savour and learn to cook local cuisine (perhaps take a cooking course), and get to know some local people.

  17. Eric S says

    I would dream of going to South Africa and be able to go to Capetown, sip wine, see penguins and go whale watching and then spend time on safari in one trip!

  18. says

    I’ve been drooling over G Adventures’ “From Bangkok to Bali” trip for weeks now – if I win this, I’m booking the next flight out for the 28-day adventure!

  19. Aline Nguyen says

    I posted this already on facebook but posting this again just in case as I’ve just re-read the rules! :-)
    If I win, I would go for a Trans Siberian journey; going from the west to the east… I’d love to start my journey in a European city and end it in Beijing in front of the great wall of China since it would feel like I’ve just seen two “faces” of the world. Travelling is not about the destination but about the journey and this one would be really memorable to me!

  20. Susan Loesch says

    I prefer undeveloped countries because the world is becoming developed very quickly. I’m drawn to culture and would prefer to experience the culture in person… before that beautiful culture is lost to a “cultural center.” I particularly enjoy homestays. I find beauty everywhere I visit, so anywhere work for me. Your posts about Iran have definitely inspired me and I’ve always wanted to go gorilla trekking in Uganda, swimming with marine iguanas in the Galapagos and a trek to Mt. Everest base camp are also very high on my list. Thank you for opportunity at a chance to a certificate and for all your wonderfully inspiring posts! I just discovered your blog today and can’t wait to read more.

  21. Patrick says

    I would love to visit the Middle East. Maybe either Saudi Arabia or even Iran. The ancient history and amazing culture would be great to experience first hand!

  22. Erin says

    Oh man…so many places to choose from. I’d love to go to southeast Asia, to any of the countries there and just eat my way around. Mmm…

  23. Damian says

    I have got a definite hankering for Nepal! Ever since meeting you guys on Mt Kili and hearing you talk about the Annapurna Circuit, that has always been in my mind …… so Nepal it is for me!

  24. Kathy says

    Oh guys I want to go everywhere from hearing your stories!!!im getting the itch to travel again…really want to check out India…!!!!

  25. Lisa says

    Where would I like to go? Such a hard decision.. but if I won, I would choose one of the trips to Central America.

  26. says

    I would choose one of the antarctic tours – it’s the place that’s at the top of my bucket list and has been for many years now. I would also love to do one of the arctic tours too at some point.

  27. Sarah Ebrahimi says

    I’m currently getting my Masters degree in Buenos Aires and am DYING to get down to Patagonia….a $350 voucher for a G Adventures tour would most definitely help this dream become a reality (finances are tight!!) Wish me luck :)

  28. Ben Cox says

    Thinking the road less traveled, Eastern/North Sri Lanka then the ferry to India… then overland direction Himalayas…:)

  29. Jennifer Yau says

    I would like to visit Mongolia and walk the plains with the herdsmen and learn/watch them hunt with their eagles.

  30. Nigel Martin says

    I would like to go to Japan, visit my relatives in New Zealand, go on safari in Africa, return to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, see polar bears in Canada and travel to Svalbard in 2015 to experience a solar eclipse!

  31. says

    I would actually like to explore the Amazon before its any smaller than it is now (and before World Cup crowds hit Brasilia). But I think I would visit Egypt (and Jordan) where some good friends are living until autumn. I know the summer is hot but I lived in Austin for a decade :)

  32. says

    If I win this contest I will use it to go to Iran! I have always wanted to travel to Iran and explore the ancient history of Persia and the modern culture of present day Iran. Plus, I only became aware of Uncornered Market from a recent story on Yahoo! travel regarding your trip to Iran, so it only seems appropriate. Besides, I’ve already shared the G-Adventures tour with some friends to see ifanyone will join me.

  33. Melissa says

    I would love to go to Iran. I admit, I was afraid of travelling to Iran, but after reading about your experiences in Iran and your post about fear vs. awareness, I’ve gained a lot more courage. I’ve always heard stories about the illustrious history and rich culture of the Persian empire and would love to see this so-called “forbidden” country myself. Once I return home I would also love to help educate others about Iran. :)

  34. Ande says

    All your amazing photos and posts from New Zealand were inspirational. If I win, that’s where I plan on going :)

  35. Marita Tambelt says

    So, after writing no 42 I re-read the guidelines. Since the first entry was to go to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to the island of Madeira I can now confess – I have a thing for islands.

    Cut-off from the rest of the world and developing in its own little ecosystem. What better way of getting to know the tiny famous islands than going and seeing for myself. Darwin’s got nothing on me when I go and explore Islas Galapagos – even further away from my starting point.

    Sandy beaches and palmtrees you can get everywhere. Weirdest flora and fauna, melting earth hotspots and volcanoes in Galapagos? I’m there!

  36. JessC says

    I’d choose the Amazon riverboat adventure. It’s the part of the world I would me least likely to traverse on my own.

  37. says

    I would like to head to Antarctica because I only have two more continents until I’ve been to all seven. My goal is to set foot on them all before I turn thirty. A trip to Antarctica would allow me to reach those final two by the end of this year, and I’ll only be 29!

  38. Stephanie Zabonas says

    Where would I go? Me and my boyfriend (who is living in Australia I am living in Canada) would reunite and fulfil my life long dream to explore New Zealand!

  39. Charity says

    I would love to put on a sari to explore northern India, (hopefully) become accustomed to the spicy food and compare the famous tea to a bru from home!

  40. Cassandra says

    “Where would I like to go?”

    So many amazing places to chose from!

    I think I would go to Cambodia. I have always wanted to see the Angkor Wat Complex. What a dream come true that would be!

  41. Tressa says

    Can I submit 2 comments? Would love to do the tour of the Alchemist. Spain to Morrocco. Do they have that tour?

  42. Jennifer Hartz says

    I need to see Japan! The country looks so beautiful and peaceful, I would love to have the chance to experience it in person!

  43. Sanja says

    I would challenge myself to finish Darwin’s ‘Origin of the Species’ on the plane ride/transportation to the Galapagos islands, and enjoy my time scuba diving & observing the ‘finding nemos’ of the surrounding waters.

  44. Sherell says

    I have been checking out G Adventures China to Mongolia itinerary as well as their Turkey tours, so, I would check out both and whichever starting date is more convenient.

  45. says

    Huge thanks to all of you for responding with where in the world you would go if you won this certificate! Loved the diversity of answers and geographies — also gave us wanderlust!

    But alas, we can only have one winner. And that winner is Emily Laborde (comment #46). We look forward to following along as she uses her certificate in Spain or Portugal…or wherever else she may desire. Congratulations!!!

    And for the rest of you, thanks for entering and being part of this fun giveaway!

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