Kazakhstan’s Postal Police

You know you are in trouble when the only people in the place who smile at you are the missionaries. A trip to the post office in each country we visit is pretty standard for us. We dread it because of the time it usually eats up, but we always find ourselves making the journey in order to mail backup DVDs of our photos or an occasional postcard. From a cultural … [Read more...]

Kazakh Photos

Young Entrepreneurs

Wedding parties, mountain lakes, Soviet scientific centers and parks - images from Kazakhstan are up in our photo gallery. Enjoy!Kazakh travel photosKazakhstan People: Weddings, Markets and Miscellany Almaty Parks and Sites Tian Shan Mountains … [Read more...]

Housekeeping in Kazakhstan

A Warm Welcome

Changes to our home page, our erratic publishing schedule, and varied topics have thrown some of our readers off. It’s time to come clean.We’re not actually traveling. We’ve been updating this site from a beach in the Maldives. We've fabricated all of our stories and grabbed content and photos from around the web and Photoshopped ourselves in where possible. … [Read more...]