Coming to America: Sharing Our Journey at Home

Only two days ago, we were learning about biodynamic Chilean wines and ziplining through vineyards in the hills outside Santiago, Chile.Just yesterday, en route from Santiago to New York City, we took advantage of a long layover to peek into and poke around the colonial streets of Bogota, Columbia.Today we arrived in New York. (We are writing this on a … [Read more...]

Saying Goodbye to America, Again: What We’ll Miss

Our recent visit to the U.S. was our longest in over seven years. Becoming reacquainted with our home country was in its own right a learning experience. Having just departed a few days ago for the Latin America leg of our journey, we take inventory of a few things that we’ll miss - and a few that we won’t. … [Read more...]

Scranton – Small Town, Big Shadow

I come from Scranton, Pennsylvania and that’s as hardscrabble a place as you’re gonna find. -- An actor playing Joe Biden on Saturday Night LiveAh, Scranton, Pennsylvania. My hometown.I told a friend the other day that we were in Scranton and he responded, “Are you from there? How did it feel to be in America’s most famous political city?” … [Read more...]

The Elections, Our Homecoming

Election Night in Budapest

Ever wish those gadgets in Star Trek were real? As the U.S. Presidential election results streamed in on Tuesday night, we sure did. We were desperate for a transporter to beam us across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean to the United States.We didn't go to sleep here in Budapest, Hungary until 7 AM on Wednesday morning, after the election results were in and the … [Read more...]