Kids of Angkor

Postcard Girl at Banteay Kdei

When we think of the temples of Angkor, some of the images permanently etched in our heads are those of the Angkor children. The kids of Angkor bring life to the temples, accenting the stone ruins with their adorable faces. Young children from the age of two look up pleadingly at tourists with their big dark eyes and ask them to buy postcards. “Sir, 10 postcards for … [Read more...]

The Temples of Angkor – First Impressions

Tourist Attack

Like 99% of the tourists who come to Siem Reap, we came to see the temples of Angkor and became cogs in the Angkor tourist processing machine – arranging transport, buying a 3-day pass, and temple hopping.We had heard beforehand of the spiritual nature of the temples and the beauty of their engravings. We had no idea of the scale of the complex and did not fully … [Read more...]